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Using Google Services in UWP C# Apps – Part 1

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This is post 16 of 17 in the series “Google Cloud for the .NET Developer” It’s no secret that I love Windows, and especially writing UWP apps for Windows using C#. In fact I’ve written a bit about creating UWP apps in the past, so as a fan of UWP, I wanted to explore how one can leverage the Google Cloud Platform and other Google services in Windows apps. Unfortunately, as of this writing, Google does not officially support UWP. However, this is not to say you cannot USE Google services in your app; it only means that the SDKs available to…

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Pub/Sub Part 1 : C# OAuth Authentication to Google Cloud Pub/Sub using a Service Account

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This is post 9 of 17 in the series “Google Cloud for the .NET Developer” If you are looking to consume Google Cloud services, you will need to authenticate. In my case, I was looking to use a service account created for a Pub/Sub application that I have in mind. I will walk you through creating a Service Account, downloading a key and authenticating with the Google Cloud Platform using a C# library. The first thing that you will need to do is log into the Google Cloud Platform console (create a project, if you don’t already have one). From…

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OAuth2 Localhost Testing with Visual Studio

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When creating a new ASP.NET MVC 4 project in Visual Studio, the “Internet Application” template provides a jumpstart for using SimpleMembership and OAuth2 providers.  But you may quickly find that it some providers (Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter) require a redirect or source domain.  Most will not allow you to use a localhost address for this redirect domain which can make testing in a development environment difficult. (Note that OpenID providers, such as Google, do not require a redirect URL and these steps are not necessary to test from a localhost site.) One solution is to come up with a unique…

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