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Cloud Storage Options Part 2

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This is a continuation of Cloud Storage Options Part 1, which covers Google Cloud Storage and Google Cloud SQL, both from a .NET developer’s perspective. Part 2 includes the two remaining structured storage solutions offered in GCP: Cloud Datastore and Cloud BigTable, and again focuses on how .NET developers can get started leveraging these storage options for themselves.

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Cloud Storage Options Part 1

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If you are a .NET developer looking to integrate with Google Cloud, one of the most basic decisions will be what Google Cloud Storage options make sense for you? When you think cloud storage, don’t just think blob storage, because Google Cloud Platform storage is really much more diverse than that, from basic blob to fully managed MySQL services to different flavors of NoSQL.

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Xamarin UITest Word Cloud

Mobile Testing in the Xamarin Test Cloud

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Mobile UI testing requires the same power as web UI testing. Certainly we need the basics: identify on-screen elements, automate, and make assertions. But that’s not going to be enough for teams building mobile apps under rapidly changing conditions; not with hundreds of new, evolving technology combinations. So what are the new rules? Here’s what we need, right-out-of-the-box…

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Tech Ed 2014 Day One Recap

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What a day, full of sessions, lessons, great people, and great information; I can’t wait to take in more on Tuesday. If you’d like to say hi, be sure, ping me on twitter @SelAromDotNet, I’d really appreciate the opportunity to meet you in person! Here are some of the highlights from Monday that still have my developer senses tingling! Visual Studio 2013 R2 RTM – Official release of the latest update to Visual Studio. Considering that the RC is only just over a month old, this is a testament to Microsoft’s increasing commitment to rapid iteration and release. This update…

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Falafel Software at DevReach 2013

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DevReach is upon us again. Now in its 8th year, the event that sets out to be the premier developer conference in Central and Eastern Europe gets our vote for the top event in the region. Hosted annually in Sofia Bulgaria, the event has grown year after year. Grown so much in fact, that this year the event had to move to the much bigger Sofia Event Center to support the demand for its top notch technical training. Much of the event’s success can be attributed to the high quality standards that the event organizers at Telerik uphold. Attendees know that…

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