Sitefinity 9 for Developers

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Sitefinity 9 for Developers Book

Sitefinity 9 for Developers Book

We at Falafel Software are excited to announce the release of the updated Sitefinity 9 for Developers book, available for immediate purchase in the Falafel Store.

This update includes an exclusive new chapter covering the new Web Services module introduced in Sitefinity 9, useful for building and managing API services for your Sitefinity content. As a result of this new update, the Web Services chapter has been entirely rewritten to offer a developer-focused look at its use, configuration, as well as helpful tips and tricks and even gotchas to watch out for when getting started.

Despite the introduction of this brand new module, the WCF services still remain a major part of Sitefinity. Being more mature and crucial to the operation of Sitefinity, they offer more complete coverage of the platform, and won’t be going anywhere soon. The newly updated Web Services chapter includes brand new content for working with the Sitefinity WCF services, as well as explaining in detail the differences between it and the Web Services module and how to choose which option to use for your projects.

Sitefinity 9 Web Services Highlights

Sitefinity 9 for Developers Lulu Book

Here is an outline for the topics covered in the new Web Services chapter:

  • Choosing the Appropriate Method for Web Services
    • Supported Content Types
    • Recreating or Migrating Items
    • Custom Payloads
  • Working with the Web Services Module
    • Managing Web Services
      • Other configuration settings
        • Customizing the API Path
        • Showing or Hiding Content Item Fields
        • Creating Semantic URLs
      • Authenticating Requests to Web Service Module APIs
      • Consuming the Web Service Module API
      • Making Authenticated Requests to the Web Services Module API
  • Working with the Sitefinity WCF Services
    • Requirements for Sitefinity WCF Services
    • Help Pages for WCF Services
    • Authenticating Requests to WCF Services
      • Backend Login Restrictions
      • Logging in with WCF Sample
    • Creating a User with WCF Services
      • Creating a User with a Specific ID
    • Sitefinity WCF Gotchas, Pitfalls, and Tips
    • Sitefinity Web Services and CORS
      • CORS for the Web Services Module
      • CORS for WCF Services

Whether you’re new to Sitefinity, or a seasoned developer wanting an in-depth look at the new (and old!) Sitefinity Web Services from the perspective of a real-world developer, you won’t want to miss this update!

Purchase your copy of the ebook here: Sitefinity 9 – Training Guide for Developers (PDF)

Or if you prefer a physical copy, you can order one from Lulu here: Sitefinity 9 For Developers (Print)

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