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By April 2, 2015Sitefinity

Telerik recently released Sitefinity 8.0, adding a whole lot of great features to the already powerful CMS. Telerik Sitefinity 8.0We were so excited for Sitefinity 8.0 that the same day it came out, we offered classes on this specific release. We also upgraded our own website,, to 8.0 and know that you will enjoy it as much as we have been. Some of the new features of this latest Sitefinity release include improved multi-site capabilities, site-sync and taxonomy support. With this latest release also came the brand new Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC), which will take your Marketing team’s potential to new heights. Not only that, but with the added strength of DEC, you can also harness the power of:

  • A single source of information – data connectors can pull information from all the places you need it — like, Marketo, Microsoft SharePoint, the customer journey repository in Sitefinity DEC and much more — to create a single source of marketing and sales information.
  • Increased insight – through the Sitefinity DEC, you can learn more than you ever thought possible about how your customers and prospects interact with you online. Better yet, it will provide you with recommendations for moving them through the funnel for increased conversion.
  • Real-time, actionable data – discover customer and prospect trends you didn’t even know existed to enable your marketing team to target these actions via campaigns. Additionally, Sitefinity DEC provides predictions so that you can improve, personalize and optimize customer journeys.


When updating to Sitefinity 8.0, be aware that:

  • API changes occur between different Sitefinity versions, so be ready
  • Many manual merges might be needed to your project and web.config files
  • Depending on how complex your project is, upgrading isn’t quite as simple as one click

In addition to upgrading our own website to the latest version of Sitefinity, the certified team at Falafel has upgraded numerous companies to the latest versions of Sitefinity, and can do it for you too! Not only that, but we’re also certified on Sitefinity DEC, so we can help you get started on using this powerful marketing tool as well (more on our Sitefinity DEC services to come soon).

Whether this is your first time upgrading or you’ve done it before, you can rely on our team of Certified Sitefinity Developers to walk you through the process.

There is a wonderful benefit of having a team familiar with the update process to walk you through it.

Let us know how we can help!
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  • Hi,
    Is Sitefinity Development Online Training Course executed over Sitefinity 8.x version?

    Thanks for your feedback.

    • Yes, it will be based on Sitefinity 8.1

      • Thanks Lino! I assumed online training sessions will be also available on September.