Sitefinity 8 – Business Users Edition

By September 11, 2015Sitefinity, Telerik

Sitefinity 8 Business Users EditionDo you want to create a web site that helps build customer relationships and drive sales, but have less than zero interest in fiddling with technical details? Then this is the book for you. Sitefinity 8 – Business Users Edition focuses on creating your pages and getting your content out there, with a minimum of administration. Here are some highlights:

  • Create and edit web pages. There are plenty of screenshots to show how widgets are dragged-and-dropped to present news, blogs, images and more.
  • Build a library of content that can be reused all over your website including news, blogs, events, images, video, and documents.
  • Use Sitefinity’s Ecommerce to create a catalog of products, add a shopping cart and manage your incoming orders.
  • Want to take your products worldwide? We can’t teach you Spanish or Chinese, but the book will show you how to localize your web pages in multiple languages.
  • Execute your marketing strategy using Sitefinity’s email campaigns, mailing lists, and reporting.
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