Sitefinity 5 and REST APIs

By March 15, 2012Uncategorized

We were very excited last week with the release of Sitefinity 5.  It has been running fast and solid on several machines (servers) here at Falafel Software.

One blemish though was the major breaking change to the authentication of the REST APIs.  If you are upgrading from a 4.x site to 5.0, no worry that change will not affect you (not right away at least), but if you are setting up a brand new Sitefinity 5 Web Application, the default authentication has changed from FORMS authentication to CLAIMS authentication which will break any code previously written using the REST API to access the Sitefinity core.

At Falafel, we have an application called SiteBoard for administering Sitefinity sites from iPhones and Windows Phones in the AppStore and the Windows Phone marketplace.  Unfortunately, the release of Sitefinity 5 broke both apps if CLAIMS authentication is being used.  To fix the problem, an admin just needs to change the authentication mechanism back to FORMS and it will work just fine.

For those of you that wrote WPF, Silverlight, Java, WinForms, HTML5 applications to interact with Sitefinity 4, be very careful, if Claims authentication is on, your code has to change or you will get a fatal error during authentication with Sitefinity 5 Claims authentication based applications.

Falafel will update both apps in the marketplace to support both conditions in the future.

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