Simplify Your Sitefinity Dashboard Experience [New Widgets Released]

By February 21, 2014MVC, Sitefinity

Falafel Dashboard

Falafel Software is excited to announce the newest release of the Falafel Dashboard for Sitefinity MVC! We’ve updated the architecture to work alongside the official 6.2 dashboard, allowing us to complement the existing widgets with the Falafel widgets. We also now have the ability to show data from all modules, including the dynamic custom widgets for ContentStats and Comments. This is now available to download for Sitefinity 6.2 on.

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The best part? The dashboard widgets are now fully self-contained, and do not rely on any external dependencies or files. This means users don’t have to get anything from github, or change web.config to make it work with their version of Sitefinity. We figure this should save you some hassle, which is what really matters, right?

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Watch the video for more details:

All of the widgets below can be moved around to display to your liking. The system will then remember your layout and display it the next time you open the dashboard. 

Admin Board

Where you can add messages for all backend users. Whether you’re running some maintenance and need to reboot the system, or just have general updates for the team, you can do it from here.

Error Logs

Keep track of all system errors.

Recent Comments

View all recent comments, including those posted to dynamic modules. Manage these comments right from the dashboard.

Recent Drafts

It’s not uncommon to be working on many pages at a time. Tracking which one have been published and which have not can be a challenge. We’ve simplified that by adding a widget to track all recent drafts.

Form Stats

Track how many forms you have, how many have been published and how recently. You will also see when forms have new responses, and link to them inside of the widget.

User Access

See all the users, and unlock them if they are locked out due to an incorrect password, or force a log out if needed. 

Local Weather

We use to pull the weather forecast right to your dashboard

Popular Discussions

The widget pulls conversations from your forums. Keep track of all the important discussions from here.

Content Stats

View the statistics of current content on the site.


See how many images, documents and videos exist in the system at any given time.

System Health

One of the most crucial widgets in the dashboard, including a new function to restart the Sitefinity website without having to stop and restart IIS or modify the web.config file. Under System Health you’ll find:

Get the widgets now!

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