Scripting in SQL Server 2005 Management Studio

By March 15, 2012Uncategorized

As an application developer, I often need to generate scripts for mutiple database objects, each in its own file, with both a DROP and a CREATE statement. In SQL Server 2000, there was a robust set of scripting options to choose from which allowed exactly this kind of use. However, in SQL Server 2005, these options have vanished. All selected objects get put into a single script file, and there is no way to generate DROP and CREATE in a single script. Some options can be accessed by choosing the Tasks | Generate Scripts… menu item at the database level, but they don’t provide the desired functionality, and the wizard itself is cumbersome to navigate.

In response to this loss of functionality, Bill Graziano wrote a utility that mimics these commonly-used options of SQL scripting. The original blog, which contains links to an installer as well as source code, can be found here.

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