Now in the Xamarin Marketplace: Falafel Bridge for TestComplete

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Falafel Bridge for TestComplete 


How sad! The TestComplete Bridge is no longer available.

We are so excited to announce the release of Falafel Bridge for TestComplete, now available in the Xamarin Marketplace! The Falafel Bridge for TestComplete component allows Xamarin.Android apps to be white-box tested with SmartBear’s TestComplete 10 product. We’ve been adoring fans of TestComplete for twelve years now, and when we saw that TestComplete had Android testing capabilities, we were jumping with joy. Turns out however it sadly doesn’t work with Xamarin built android apps, and we wanted to fix that. Check out the demo below!

Building your Xamarin.Android app with this component and calling a simple initialization routine will allow TestComplete 10 or higher to see your application, the objects inside of it, and view or manipulate their properties – allowing your app to be script tested at the object level. This capability, previously only available to native Java Android applications, is now available to Xamarin.Android applications.

Already using TestComplete? Falafel offers consulting and training so you can get the most out of your automated testing. Learn more or give us a call at 831-462-0457.

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