Learning Xamarin #2: Using the Genymotion Emulator

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In a previous post, I explained that I’m learning Xamarin and documenting the process.   As soon as I noted this effort on Twitter, I received a tweet from the estimable Paul Betts, now employed by GitHub, that  I wanted to be sure to use Genymotion or HAXM.  I went with the first. The process is simple, and the results are gratifying.

GenyMotionIn my totally non-scientific tests (I started it up and hit the stopwatch on my iPhone), Genymotion’s Nexus One 4.2.2 API 17 480×800 emulator starts up in under a minute.  Once it is up, though, it is fast.  From the time I launched my first program and clicked on the emulator, until it was up and running was under 8 seconds.  Which, by emulator standards, is light-speed.

To install you just go to genymotion.com and sign up (you have to sign up before you can download).  You then download a single package that will install both Genymotion and the Oracle VM.  Be prepared for the fact that during installation the Oracle VM will disconnect your network momentarily.  No harm done, though.


Select A Device

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You create the VM by clicking the + sign on the menu and downloading from a list of potential candidates.

Once downloaded, you start the virtual device from the Genymotion desktop application (shown in the first figure).  That will start the Virtual Device and once it is running it will show up in your list of running virtual devices when you start your program (see the second figure).  The integration is seamless.

Xamarin DocsI’m ready to go with learning Android programming with Xamarin.

There is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to resources. In addition to the abundance of documentation on the Xamarin site, I’m reading the excellent book Mobile Development With C# by Greg Shackles and I’ve just started Professional Android Programming With Mono by McLure et al.

I will be reporting back to you regularly as I make progress.

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  • VeaceslavWD

    VirtualBox is also incompatible with Hyper-V Manager. Consider uninstalling Hyper-V Manager first.

  • keerthana bala

    Hai jtoth, I am also facing this same problem. Hope did you fixed that. May I know how did you fixed that issue? Thanks