Kendo UI JSFiddle Starter Template

By October 18, 2013Kendo UI

When working on building large applications, I often find it helpful to prove out a concept or isolate a problem in a sandbox environment.  There are several online tools such as JSFiddle, JS Bin, and CodePen that work really well for trying out code and sharing with others.  However, when using a tool like JSFiddle to test some Kendo UI code, you have to manually enter the external URLs to reference the JavaScript and CSS files.  To save some time, I have shared a public JSFiddle that will give you a jumpstart with the latest Kendo references as well as a simple log function and a Kendo Observable ViewModel.  Feel free to fork this JSFiddle as needed.  I try to keep this version up to date with the latest Kendo releases, but post a comment if I forget and fall behind on the latest versions out on their CDN.



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