Falafel Software to Unveil new AcademicApp System at ECW13

By August 8, 2013News

Falafel Software President and CEO, Lino Tadros will be giving a very special workshop presentation this Friday at the Education in a Changing World Conference, hosted by the prestigious Monte Vista Christian School.

In his workshop,
Modern Mobile Development for the Educational Sector, Mr. Tadros will be teaching educators from around the world about the importance of using technology in the classroom. This workshop is a departure from Lino’s usual hard-core development session and he is adding an additional twist; he will be making a very special announcement: the release of our brand new AcademicApps platform.

Falafel’s AcademicApps platform is brand new system that enables educational institutions to easily create branded cross-platform mobile applications for their school. Administrators have access to a state of the art content management system where they can update general school info, school calendars, important news, faculty contact information and more. As data is manipulated on the web, content is updated in the mobile applications immediately; regardless of which mobile platform students and faculty are using.

AcademicApps is powered by the latest and greatest advancements in web based technologies. The “from scratch” content management system uses Telerik’s
Kendo UI on the web to deliver a fast and seamless HTML5 experience. This multi-tenant system is hosted in Windows Azure, and the dynamic mobile apps are built using Icenium and Kendo UI Mobile. This perfect storm of tech makes building a mobile application for a student’s iPad, a teacher’s Android phone and any other device as easy as writing a few lines of text and dragging it to the correct location.

Here is a sneak peek at the AcademicApps admin portal:

AcademicApps Main Page

Academic Apps Geolocaton

We’re excited to share more screenshots, examples and information with you in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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