Falafel Launches New Sitefinity 5.3 Website

By January 2, 2013News

Its 2013, so out with the old and in with the new! Over the holidays, the Falafel team was hard at work preparing our new Sitefinity 5.3 website for launch. The new site is a complete redesign inspired by Windows 8 that features a tile-based, color-coded theme to make navigating the site and finding the exact Falafel Software content you were looking for easier than ever before.

Under the hood, the Sitefinity 5.3 engine and MVC based widgets have given the site a huge performance boost over past incarnations. Fans of Sitefinity will also recognize and appreciate that the Falafel Software store has been ported entirely to the built-in Sitefinity ecommerce module which we were able to customize to meet our exact needs.

Building exactly what we had envisioned was painless, thanks to the extensibility of the Sitefinity CMS. In no time at all, we were able to integrate our home grown Falafel Bootstrap JavaScript library and quickly build upon our past work.

You can see the some of the big differences between website 2012 and website 2013 in the image below, but we encourage you to explore the new site for yourself.


Compare the old site to the new site

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