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Read/Write data from/to USB thumb drive on a Windows IoT Core device

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Currently, universal apps are sandboxed to the point of blocking you from reading/writing data files to a removable USB drive on Windows IoT Core devices. This post will show you a work around if you really need to do this. Now, understand that this is not for store apps. If you submit an app using this work around, it will likely get rejected. However, for internal projects, it will definitely work, and work well. This is a great way of reading application initialization data and writing log data in a test apparatus and laboratory setting. Particularly when a network or…

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Breakpoints in Auto-Properties in Visual Studio 2015

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This tip falls squarely into the category of simple, yet oh so useful. Visual Studio 2015 isn’t exactly new, but I am still discovering things that make it so nice for debugging. That’s where I’ve spent a lot of my time this week, and one thing that has saved me is using Actions on breakpoints to print messages to the console. And surprise! You can do the same thing even when using auto-properties in Visual Studio 2015 without backing fields.

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C# Windows IoT Core Serial Communications with an ESP8266

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Windows IoT Core is great for connecting single board computers such a Pi2 to an ESP8266, via a serial link. The hardware for such a link can be found in my previous post here. The details for a basic serial communication C# framework are detailed in this post. If you have an ESP8266, there are numerous ways of communicating with them such as LuaLoader. However, I needed to communicate with my ESP8266 through a Pi2 running Windows IoT Core. This is part of a larger automated test project for an upcoming consumer project we’re developing. In this post, I’ll cover…

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Is an 80 Character Code Line Length Still Relevant?

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If you’ve spent any time reading about coding standards on the internet, you’ve probably come across the suggestion to limit lines of code to 80 characters and wondered if it’s still relevant today. The advise to limit lines to 80 characters is often connected to the historical limit of 80 characters in terminal windows. But what if your team is not subject to this constraint? Are there still any benefits to adopting this limitation? I tried living with it for a while and here are my takeaways. Growing pains Indentation When I first set out to try this style out,…

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Xamarin UITest Word Cloud

Mobile Testing in the Xamarin Test Cloud

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Mobile UI testing requires the same power as web UI testing. Certainly we need the basics: identify on-screen elements, automate, and make assertions. But that’s not going to be enough for teams building mobile apps under rapidly changing conditions; not with hundreds of new, evolving technology combinations. So what are the new rules? Here’s what we need, right-out-of-the-box…

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Software PWM at 0.35 Duty Cycle

Windows IoT Core: Software PWM

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One of the gaping holes in my opinion is the availability of PWM when working with Windows IoT Core on the Raspberry Pi. There are two approaches to solving this problem, one is with additional hardware to provide PWM functionality, the other is to achieve PWM with software. This article will focus on Software PWM. A Convenient Software PWM Library In poking around the web, I stumbled across this convenient library for Windows IoT Core. One of the implemented functions in this library is support for Software PWM. This library is also available as a package through NuGet. To demonstrate…

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HoloLens image

Using HoloLens Toolkit to Configure Your App

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This is post 2 of 3 in the series “Rummaging Through the HoloLens Toolkit” Using HoloLens Toolkit to Configure Your App HoloLens Toolkit makes short work of configuring a Unity application for deployment. No need to pick your way down the checklist. This video walks you through the toolkit menu options. To make your project HoloLens-ready, run the Apply HoloLens… Scene Settings positions the camera, makes the background transparent, and sets field-of-view properties to match the HoloLens environment. Project Settings creates a Visual Studio solution and changes the project build options to target a Universal Windows app that HoloLens can run….

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Database Change Management Strategies Compared

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Intro It is a challenging problem to manage database change in any project that uses a database. In this post, I’ll recap some of the approaches I’ve tried in the past and what I like (or don’t like) about them; then in the next post I’ll describe a new one that I recently composed with one BAT file and multiple SQL files and have been quite pleased with. This post assumes that the target database is SQL Server. Some of the techniques described could be modified to apply to other databases, and some are vendor-specific. Comparison of Database Change Management Strategies Monolithic Upgrade Script The…

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Filtering data with the Search Bar

Xamarin Quick Tip – Adding a Search Bar to a UITableView in iOS

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A common bit of functionality required in a mobile application is including some type of search functionality in an application. Typically this takes the form of a search bar along with tabular results. In this article, I will walk you  through adding simple search functionality to a UITableView in iOS. Setting up the project Create a new blank iOS universal application with a storyboard. In the storyboard create a new UITableViewController and assign it the class name of FruitTableViewController. Name the table tblFruit. Finally, change the type of table cell to Basic, and assign it the reuse identifier of FruitCellId. If you have trouble setting…

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Swipe Left on Pineapple

Xamarin Quick Tip – Swipe Left To Delete

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In some projects, it may be requested to be able to swipe left to delete an item in a table. In order to implement this, there is a handy component called SwTableViewCell that provides this valuable functionality.  What is missing however, is decent documentation to get it up and running with Xamarin. In this article, I will walk you through adding this component to an already existing table view. Setting up the project The first thing we need to do is to build an application that has a table populated with some items. Create a new C#, Universal iOS application,…

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Selecting a Tab in Visual Studio Moves it to the First Position

Selecting a Tab in Visual Studio Moves it to First Position

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Recently I noticed that selecting a tab in Visual Studio moves it to first position in the tab well.  This was pretty shocking to me because I was fairly certain that things where not always this way.  I verified there where not any updates to Visual Studio lately that may be the issue.  Then I looked at the Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools because I knew that this extension added capability to the tab well. Sure enough that extension was updated very recently.  So I did some digging into the options for this extension and found this: Apparently someone decided that…

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Component in Solution Explorer showing "Error"

Xamarin Visual Studio: Error adding to project: Cannot get libraries from incompatible component

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I recently came across a scenario with Xamarin Visual Studio where one developer would add a new Xamarin Component in to the solution and check in the bits and then a different developer would pull down the latest bits and receive a compilation error specific to the class or classes of the newly added component not being found. In the solution explorer the component showed as “[ComponentName] (Error)”. Double-clicking on the component brought up the details and at the top was a little red error message that stated “Error adding to project: Cannot get libraries from incompatible component”. Turns out the trick for resolving…

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Mystery Solved: SQL Database Project Won’t Update using Schema Compare

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I recently started using a SQL Database Project in Visual Studio 2015 to on a (pre-existing) complex database, and since the previous source control was pretty much nonexistent, it’s been a welcome change. Overall, the upgrade process went pretty well, with one exception that kind of screeched the whole thing to a halt. Since I’m sure I’ll run across the same issue again someday and by then I will have forgotten what the solution was, I’ll share it with you – and myself – in blog form.

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Creating a new Xamarin iOS Application

Xamarin Quick Tip : Add a Full Color Image to the Navigation Bar

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In iOS the Navigation Bar is not one of the easiest things to stylize. In a recent project, I needed to add a full color image of a logo on the left hand side of the Navigation Bar. Here is how I accomplished this requirement. Setting Up the Project Create a new Xamarin Blank iOS project in Visual Studio. I’ve named mine NavBarFullColorLogo. Creating the Storyboard Once the project has been generated. Add a new Empty Storyboard item to the project, name it Main.storyboard. Open the Info.plist file, and select Main.storyboard as the Main Interface. Open the AppDelegate.cs source file, and…

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Blank iOS Appliation

Xamarin Quick Tip : Setting a UI Table View Background Image

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Full-screen background images are an attractive design feature in many mobile applications. In this article, I will show you how to set an iOS table view background image using C# so you can achieve full screen backgrounds on your Table View Controllers in your application. Creating the Solution Open Visual Studio, and create a new Blank iOS Application. I’ve named mine BackgroundImage. Creating the Storyboard Once the solution has finished generating, add a new Empty Storyboard to the solution, name it Main.storyboard. Next we will need to assign the storyboard to our application launch sequence. To do this open the info.plist file, and under…

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command prompt ipconfig

Expose an IIS Express site to your local network

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As a web developer, testing my web app from the browser of various mobile devices is a must. There are plenty of tools for emulating mobile browsers on my local machine during development, but at some point I need to physically test it from another device. ASP.NET developers are used to running our web apps locally in IIS Express and testing them locally from the PC. But did you know you can expose an IIS Express site to your local network, making it accessible from other devices? Full disclosure: I am running Visual Studio 2015 Pro on a Windows 10 machine….

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Configure VSCode to run NPM tasks

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Did you know that you can configure VSCode to run NPM tasks? It’s in the documentation, but not everyone reads the entire manual before jumping in. After all, that code isn’t going to write itself! The feature isn’t visible in any of the menus, either. They are visible in the command palette (ctrl+shift+p), which I like to make use of as much as possible, and I think that’s where I noticed the feature first. Well, maybe I saw it in the docs; I’m that kind of guy. I read the manuals for games before playing, too. …I know. Configuration is super easy,…

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Node.js in Visual Studio Code review

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Over the last two posts, I’ve described my experience searching for the best Node.js development setup for me, an ASP.NET developer working in Windows. First I tried Node.js Tools for Visual Studio but found the experience sluggish and frustrating. Next, I moved to Sublime Text 3 with some plugins and command-line based tools, where I lost a few creature comforts but gained more than enough speed in my day-t0-day operations to compensate. But then one of my peers mentioned Atom, so I thought I’d have to give it a serious look. As you might have guessed from the title of…

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visual studio options

Based on your project, we have identified extensions you may find helpful

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I love Visual Studio extensions and I’m always open to suggestions of new extensions to try. What I don’t like is hearing the same suggestion over and over. Or in this case, the suggestion of a suggestion. If you have recently installed or upgraded Visual Studio 2015 you might have seen this annoying message when opening HTML files: “Based on your project, we have identified extensions you may find helpful.” The folks at Microsoft were kind enough to provide a Don’t Show Again option next to the message. Unfortunately, clicking it doesn’t seem to work and the message appears again the next…

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Node.js Tools for Visual Studio (NTVS) review

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Here at Falafel, we started out as a .NET consulting and training company and that’s been our bread and butter for many years. But lately, I’ve had the opportunity to get my feet wet with some Node.js projects and I’ve been learning a lot and having a lot of fun. One of the first challenges I faced was to get a comfortable development environment set up to edit and debug my Node.js code. It took no less than three different approaches before I found one that I really liked, and I want to share the journey and lessons learned with…

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