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Head scratcher of the day, Ad Hoc SQL and reentrancy?

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Reentrant and thread-safe are often used interchangeably. Both speak to a body of code’s ability to properly handle multiple threads. While thread safety and reentrancy are fundamental to the design of a database engine, we rarely need concern ourselves with either when writing SQL. It’s one of those little cases of “rarely” I’d like to discuss here. Reentrancy in a nutshell  I’ll briefly touch on the following two concepts that underly my case of rarely. Thread safe refers to code which can properly multiple threads without failing or intermingling threads-specific data while safely interacting with data. Thread safety is accomplished using a number of…

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The Many Faces of Azure Storage

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This is post 21 of 29 in the series “A Cloudy 29 Days of Microsoft Azure” The faces of Azure Storage are many. There are blobs, tables, queues, and files, each supporting different kinds of data and a wide range of application scenarios. Your storage comes with optional up-to-the-minute usage metrics, a variety of Microsoft and third party tools for performing storage-related tasks, and straight-forward pricing that is based on the size, level of redundancy, and the number of transactions used to access and store your data. Azure subscriptions may have up to 100 storage accounts with each account maxing…

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Azure Stream Analytics – analyzing and reacting to streaming data

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This is post 16 of 29 in the series “A Cloudy 29 Days of Microsoft Azure” Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics is a powerful service that allows you to analyze and react to real-time streaming data in Microsoft Azure. It gives you full control of taking streaming input data, analyzing it and moving it to a destination. Let’s take a look. First, set up a Stream Analytics account in Microsoft Azure. If you don’t already have an account, you can setup a free 30 day trial. To set up a Stream Analytics job, you will need a job name, region and…

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IoT Greenhouse – Searching history and supporting documentation with Azure Search

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This is post 8 of 29 in the series “A Cloudy 29 Days of Microsoft Azure” Search Search in one form or another is available almost everywhere, across and throughout our electronic lives, from contact lists on phones to large distributed systems providing results from billions of sources. Guides and indexes have been usurped by search functionality. So, why doesn’t your website have search capability, full search capability? There are very capable tools available to do the heavy lifting. They can still be difficult to implement properly. And if you move your site from the Class A CoLo where it’s been and…

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