Amplicate #fail #dishonest

By March 15, 2012Sitefinity

So disappointed in this web site  They are dishonest and falsely represent people’s opinion without their permission or approval.

Few days ago after the release of Sitefinity 4.3, I shared my opinion on twitter about a feature that is still not implemented in 4.3  while using the hashtags #sitefinity and #fail to represent my opinion that it is a shame that these minimal features are still not fixed or implemented in 4.3.

I am a big supporter of Sitefinity, love the product and their team and have nothing but respect and appreciation for Telerik as a company and as a solid team.

For some reason, Amplicate found it ok to parse the twitter feeds and whenever it finds hashtags of #sitefinity and #fail to add the name of the twitter account to a page called the SITEFINITY HATERS and make the account owner a SUPPORTER of the “I Hate Sitefinity” group.

I find this to be illegal, unethical and pretty much low.

I reported the incident to Amplicate and never heard back from them.

My recommendation is for all Sitefinity haters out there, to respect other people’s opinion if it differs with theirs.  Here in America we are proud of our freedoms and how we can express our opinion but not by forcing people to be part of something that they don’t want to be part of.

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