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Expose an IIS Express site to your local network

By | Visual Studio | 9 Comments

As a web developer, testing my web app from the browser of various mobile devices is a must. There are plenty of tools for emulating mobile browsers on my local machine during development, but at some point I need to physically test it from another device. ASP.NET developers are used to running our web apps locally in IIS Express and testing them locally from the PC. But did you know you can expose an IIS Express site to your local network, making it accessible from other devices? Full disclosure: I am running Visual Studio 2015 Pro on a Windows 10 machine….

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How to Set the Current Datetime with NodeMCU

By | IoT | One Comment

This is post 11 of 13 in the series “IoT with the ESP8266” When the ESP8266 starts up, the Realtime Clock (RTC) is not initialized. If your IoT project has the need to provide timestamps in its generated data, then your code will need to fetch the current datetime from a server after the network is available. One way to do this with NodeMCU is to use the sntp (Simple Network Time Protocol) module in conjunction with the rtctime module. The sntp module will fetch the time from a specified time server (could be on your LAN, or from an official source on the internet) and…

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Configure VSCode to run NPM tasks

By | node.js, Visual Studio | No Comments

Did you know that you can configure VSCode to run NPM tasks? It’s in the documentation, but not everyone reads the entire manual before jumping in. After all, that code isn’t going to write itself! The feature isn’t visible in any of the menus, either. They are visible in the command palette (ctrl+shift+p), which I like to make use of as much as possible, and I think that’s where I noticed the feature first. Well, maybe I saw it in the docs; I’m that kind of guy. I read the manuals for games before playing, too. …I know. Configuration is super easy,…

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An introduction to NativeScript video

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Recently Keith Burnell on our team did a webcast on getting started with NativeScript. We thought it would be a great idea to record this and make it available for all developers who want to get started with mobile development. Keith gives a great overview of the NativeScript platform as well as a quick getting started introduction. Enjoy the recording. Cheers, -Falafel Software Team

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JavaScript: The Semicolon Debate

By | JavaScript | 6 Comments

Emacs or Vim? Tabs or spaces? Android or iOS? In the world of technology, there are always some contentious topics that are hotly debated, yet ultimately come down to a matter of taste, will therefore never be truly settled, but will nevertheless provide fuel for the fire for years to come. I recently learned of another such topic that I want to weigh in on: semicolon-free JavaScript. I actually stumbled across this debate while browsing the configuration options for JSHint. There it was, “asi“, complete with a description that just invited further investigation. I did my research and read posts on both sides…

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Relating Data in Sitefinity Content

By | .NET, C#, Sitefinity | One Comment

In my previous post discussing properties on custom content, I delved into some of the more complex types that can be properties, including classifications and related media. This post will get into the most complex type to work with: Related Data. This is taking existing custom content types and allowing other content types to have a property that relates one to the other. Relating data can happen with built-in content types (e.g. News), extend across other module builder modules, and even be self-referential! On top of all that, you can even create a custom content type that is the parent…

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Kendo Grid Multi-Level Headers

By | HTML5, Kendo UI | No Comments

One thing I really like about using Kendo UI is the frequency of updates and the number of new or improved features in each release. I don’t always have the time to read all of the release notes, so it is a nice surprise when I discover something I didn’t know about. This isn’t a brand-new feature, but a new discovery for me this week has been multi-column headers. I remember having the requirement a few years ago to build a grid with group headers that spanned more than one column. It was certainly possible, but it took more templating…

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Complex Custom Properties for Sitefinity Content

By | .NET, C#, Sitefinity | No Comments

In my previous post I talked about basic access of custom properties in Sitefinity. Namely, strings and numbers. Those alone cover a lot of what you’d use when it comes to custom fields on built-in content types and custom content types. In this post, however, we’re delving into some of the more complex custom properties that can be associated with Sitefinity content. Like in the previous post, we’ll cover both how to query by a complex property (where applicable) and how to fetch the content of the complex property. Classifications (Tags, Categories, Custom) Fetching Tags and Categories within Sitefinity are…

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ESP8266 and Wi-Fi Channels

By | ESP8266, IoT | 4 Comments

This is post 10 of 13 in the series “IoT with the ESP8266” The ESP8266 supports operating as a Wi-Fi station (station mode), an access point (softAP mode), and can even do both at the same time (softAP+station mode). However, there is one important detail that must be understood or else it will come back to bite you: the radio in the ESP8266 only supports one hardware channel at a time. What does this mean? Well, 802.11b/g/n operating on 2.4GHz has 14 different channels that can be used (though, in North America, we can only use channels 1-11 due to…

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WEBINAR: Hello, My name is NativeScript

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Have you been struggling with your current cross-platform mobile framework? Do you want to make the jump to native but don’t want to learn Objective-C and Java? Let me introduce you to NativeScript. NativeScript is a cross-platform JavaScript framework for building native iOS and Android applications. In this webinar we will get to know NativeScript and what makes a contender and how you can use familiar technologies like Angular, TypeScript and CSS to build native mobile applications. SPEAKER KEITH BURNELL, SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER Keith has been developing software since 1999 specializing in web and mobile solutions. He has been a…

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HoloLens Room

Visualizing a Room Mesh with HoloToolkit for Unity

By | HoloLens, Unity | 2 Comments

This is post 5 of 5 in the series “HoloLens and Unity Playground” In today’s video we leverage the HoloToolkit-Unity library (available on GitHub) to enable a visual mesh that represents a room to be rendered in the HoloLens emulator. Since the emulator doesn’t actually visualize a real room around you (since you’re not actually inside one), this can help you to “see” where you are in this virtual space. We also use the Cursor Manager and Gaze Manager from this toolkit to display a cursor in the device for users to select and interact with holograms. Visualizing a Room…

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Valid Polygons and Ring Orientation with SQL Spatial

By | .NET, Entity Framework, SQL Server | No Comments

SQL Server spatial types make it easier to work with geographical data, but it is important to understand ring orientation or “handedness” when working with polygon data. On a recent project, I was building a web-based tool for users to draw a polygon to define an area that would be used for finding points within its bounds. Each click captures the coordinates which is combined into a WKT (Well-Known Text) Polygon. Everything was working great until I drew a polygon that returned this error when I tried saving the DbGeography object: 24205: The specified input does not represent a valid geography instance because it…

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Disable ReSharper's inconsistent naming evaluation

Disable ReSharper’s inconsistent naming evaluation for an entire file

By | .NET, ReSharper | 3 Comments

As I have stated in previous posts I am a huge fan of JetBrain’s ReSharper.  I am also a stickler when it comes to naming conventions.  So ,when I have to consume someone else’s API that uses different naming conventions ReSharper complains about it, and rightfully so.  But, since I diligently try to keep my solution’s issue count at zero, having ReSharper counting those issues and squiggly underlining those variables that I have no control over really annoys me.  Luckily, there is a simple way to disable ReSharper’s inconsistent naming evaluation check for an entire file. By adding the comment //ReSharper disable…

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Webinar: Sitefinity and Microsoft Azure. The Right CMS on the Right Platform.

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Join this upcoming webcast on May 18, 2016 at 1:00 PM ET. Content Management Systems are a necessity in today’s digitally driven business environment. Delivering relevant content and information to customers while measuring success is key to successful customer engagement for virtually every business in every vertical across the globe. Leveraging the Telerik® Sitefinity™ platform is a great option for businesses of all sizes to expand their reach and engage customers with great content. Additionally, with Sitefinity you can leverage cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure to scale your content and provide unparalleled customer experiences. Join Falafel Software and Progress…

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Update-Database SQL Server connection error

Connection Error when Executing Code First Migrations from Class Library

By | Entity Framework | No Comments

I am fairly proficient at using Code First Migrations in Entity Framework, but recently I encountered a problem that was a real head-scratcher. Read on for the full story, or just skip to the end for the important details. I was working on a brand new ASP.NET Web API application, creating entity models and configuring their mappings in a separate class library. I added an App.config to the class library and set up the connection string my DbContext would need to access the database. When the time came to add my first migration I opened the Package Manager Console (PMC)…

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Launching a Unity Project in HoloLens

By | HoloLens, Unity | No Comments

This is post 4 of 5 in the series “HoloLens and Unity Playground” This video follows from the previous one created for the TechRewards challenge. This time we take that same project and discover what modifications are needed to open the same project in the Unity for HoloLens version, as well as deploy it as a 3D app to the emulator. Launching the TechRewards Unity Challenge Project in the HoloLens Although the audio quality is still weak (I promise the next video will be better!), I was able to leverage the Azure Media Services platform to actually transcribe the text….

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.NET: Shared App Settings

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I recently needed to write a couple of console applications to perform some tasks on an Azure Search Service.  I wanted both of the applications to be in a single .NET solution along with a common class library project for code shared between both console applications.  Easy enough, right?  Along the way I found myself duplicating the Azure Search configuration variables in both console applications.  Since the DRY principle is something I try diligently to practice, I started looking for a way to have shared app settings in the shared/common assembly and then reference them in the individual console applications….

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