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March 2016

Node.js on Windows with Sublime Text 3

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I recently posted about my experiences developing Node.js apps with Node Tools for Visual Studio: the good and the painful, and why I decided to try something else. I kept hearing good things about Sublime Text over the years, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to try developing with just a good text editor and an ecosystem of command-line tools. Over the course of the first few days, I organically added plugins and utilities as needed to make my development life as comfortable as I could. This is the setup I ended up with: Editor and plugins…

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Based on your project, we have identified extensions you may find helpful

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I love Visual Studio extensions and I’m always open to suggestions of new extensions to try. What I don’t like is hearing the same suggestion over and over. Or in this case, the suggestion of a suggestion. If you have recently installed or upgraded Visual Studio 2015 you might have seen this annoying message when opening HTML files: “Based on your project, we have identified extensions you may find helpful.” The folks at Microsoft were kind enough to provide a Don’t Show Again option next to the message. Unfortunately, clicking it doesn’t seem to work and the message appears again the next…

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Node.js Tools for Visual Studio (NTVS) review

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Here at Falafel, we started out as a .NET consulting and training company and that’s been our bread and butter for many years. But lately, I’ve had the opportunity to get my feet wet with some Node.js projects and I’ve been learning a lot and having a lot of fun. One of the first challenges I faced was to get a comfortable development environment set up to edit and debug my Node.js code. It took no less than three different approaches before I found one that I really liked, and I want to share the journey and lessons learned with…

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Kendo UI: Easily share templates in ASP.NET MVC

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Sharing Kendo UI templates among multiple pages in your web application is not a straightforward task.  The Kendo UI documentation does provide a detailed explanation of how to accomplish this but it requires an abundance of messy code.  Fortunately though, if you happen to be using ASP.NET MVC there is a much simpler way with the help of Partial Views.   First create a partial view that includes the templates:

    And finally render the templates partial view in your page:


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Get your Free eBook – Getting Started with Microsoft Azure

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At Falafel Software, our engineers are always on the cutting edge of technology and love to learn new things that we can share with our community. Well, we created this eBook to help other developers get started with cloud development. More specifically, Microsoft Azure. Getting Started with Microsoft Azure is a great place to begin exploring your options for creating software solutions in Microsoft Azure. The eBook covers many technologies including virtual machines, web apps, machine learning, IoT and many other topics that will help you get started with different types of solutions. Enjoy!  

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Head scratcher of the day, Ad Hoc SQL and reentrancy?

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Reentrant and thread-safe are often used interchangeably. Both speak to a body of code’s ability to properly handle multiple threads. While thread safety and reentrancy are fundamental to the design of a database engine, we rarely need concern ourselves with either when writing SQL. It’s one of those little cases of “rarely” I’d like to discuss here. Reentrancy in a nutshell  I’ll briefly touch on the following two concepts that underly my case of rarely. Thread safe refers to code which can properly multiple threads without failing or intermingling threads-specific data while safely interacting with data. Thread safety is accomplished using a number of…

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Telerik Developer Experts

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I am very proud that 7 out of the 27 Telerik Developer Experts worldwide are Falafel Software architects and Sr. Engineers. We are grateful for Progress for including us in this elite group of Telerik Experts and we are all committed to continue supporting their products at the highest level for a long time to come.

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TestComplete TypeScript?

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TestComplete TypeScript? TypeScript lets you write JavaScript that is easier to extend, maintain and is more readable. For example, I’ve always had issues with web browser scripting because there are several TestComplete script objects to simply open, navigate, and close a browser. So, would you rather work with TestComplete script running wild like this example?

…or express your scripting ideas this way:

I vote for example #2. Both examples have the same functionality, but the second example is easier to follow and is much more compact. Note: For an introduction to TypeScript and examples, check out this blog…

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