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March 2015

Steve Smith Earns Xamarin Certification

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Steve Smith continues to make the Falafel team proud by completing the rigorous certification process to earn the title of Xamarin Certified Mobile developer. The Xamarin Certified Developer program challenges skilled developers to learn and demonstrate their expertise in building Android, iOS and Windows phone mobile apps through Xamarin. Steve’s accomplishment in this area further solidifies our commitment to mobile development as well as strengthens our relationship with our partner, Xamarin. Congratulations to Steve on yet another significant achievement!

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Microsoft Band Ultraviolet Sensor

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One of the more interesting sensors on the Microsoft Band is the UV sensor, mainly because it’s one sensor type that I’ve not played with before. When I examined the UV sensor via the UV tile, it was apparent that it took some time to collect data and then display the results. It appeared that it was a one-time shot with some unknown delay before giving you another UV reading. I really didn’t find much info on the details of this sensor online. So what exactly is UV? It is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength from 400nm to 10nm, just…

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Sitecore – Configuring Web API

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Web API is useful in many situations, and Sitecore comes with a great Item API. But if you want to have your own API endpoints in your web application that is using Sitecore, there is a small extra step you need to take. The traditional ASP.NET Web API set up involves registering your API and configuring your routing with something like this:

This will trigger the registration during the standard .NET pipeline to register your routes and configurations. However, when using Sitecore, you are forced to work within the Sitecore Pipelines which may not trigger the API registration as…

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Steve Smith to Discuss Benefits of Design Patterns at Sold Out Stir Trek

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Falafel Software’s Steve Smith will be presenting at the upcoming Stir Trek 2015 conference, where he’ll be sharing expert advice with the attendees of this sold out event on the benefits and uses of design patterns in development. What? Falafel at Stir Trek 2015: When is our session? Steve Smith presenting “Real World Design Patterns” – 3:30pm in Architecture/Methodologies movie hall Where is the event? Rave Motion Picture, 1071 Gemini Place, Columbus, Ohio The Falafel team will also be giving demonstrations of their consulting and training capabilities, as well as discussing open opportunities for joining the team in booth #30…

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Setting Up an Android Device for Debugging

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If you’re looking to debug your Xamarin Android application on an actual device, you’ll have to enable your device for development and install the proper drivers on the computer you are debugging from. Following these steps should help get your device ready to go without all of the confusion. Ensure your device is developer unlocked. In Settings, if you see the “Developer Options”, continue to step 2. If you do not see it anywhere, see below on part b. If you do not see “Developer Options”, you must enable it (in an odd way). Go to Settings > About/About Device…

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Sitecore – Remove Spaces from URLs

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The URLs that Sitecore generates come from the Item Paths of the Sitecore Item being presented, and of course the Item Paths come from the name of the Item and its parent Items. It is typically bad practice to use spaces in your URLs, and using Sitecore’s built in space separated paths not only looks ugly in the URL bar, but can also be a problem if you are moving an existing site over to Sitecore if you want to retain your URLs for SEO purposes. Here is a quick and easy way to handle the Item naming so that…

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Sitecore – Removing Languages from Urls

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The embedding of the current language in the URL is an awesome feature that Sitecore offers out of the box. However, there isn’t always the need for it and sometimes it can even be an inconvenience. You may want to remove languages for SEO purposes, to keep existing URLs from your previous site indexed if you are migrating to Sitecore, or just because you don’t like the way it looks. There is a few places this is handled by Sitecore. At a high level, there is a setting in the Web.config, and at an individual level from code (LinkManager.GetItemUrl()). In the Web.config:


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AngularJS and TypeScript

Getting Started with TypeScript

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Any doubt you may have had about TypeScript should have melted away with the recent announcement of Angular 2 being written in TypeScript. Google and Microsoft putting aside their egos (and money) to build an open source project together certainly indicates something about AngularJS and TypeScript. I don’t need to tell you how awesome AngularJS is, so in this post I’d like to show you how awesome TypeScript is.

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Xamarin: Creating a sliding tray

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Call it a sliding window, a drawer, a hamburger; it is the latest craze in navigation. You click on the ubiquitous icon of three lines and the page slides over to reveal… Well whatever you want. Often it reveals navigation choices.

So the question arises: how do you do this in Xamarin.Forms? I have looked at a number of sources and samples and have synthesized them into an approach I like.

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Hello Blinky sample running on the Intel Galileo with Windows

Getting Started with the Windows Developer Program for IoT

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Last year, Microsoft unveiled the Windows Developer Program for IoT. This initial program targets running a version of the Windows operating system on a non-commercial small device, in this case, a SOC (System On a Chip) board. The current target board is the Intel Galileo (Gen 1 or 2), and the program will also soon be supporting the all-powerful Raspberry Pi 2. The Galileo-SDK is an open source project being hosted on GitHub. This project is implementing the Wiring API, this is the same specification that the popular Arduino platform uses. Using this SDK, you can implement Arduino sketches using all…

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Microsoft Band Sensors – Accelerometer & Gyroscope

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Microsoft just released the Microsoft Band SDK Preview and I’m excited. Just like with any other electronic gadget, I’m interested in the sensors. The Band is stuffed full of sensors, but the first ones I want to look at are the accelerometers and gyroscopes. From the preview site you can download samples for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. You also need the documentation. To get started with my sensors investigation, I downloaded the Windows Phone sample code and followed the instructions here to get started with my own project. Accessing the accelerometers and gyroscopes is easy and follows a familiar…

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