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June 2013

TestComplete Online Training choices

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Falafel Software has been training on TestComplete by SmartBear since 2002, shortly after the first release of the product. It has been a pleasure and a delight to train thousands of people on 5 continents on TestComplete with tremendous success and very high level of productivity. In the last few years, Falafel Software added the option of learning TestComplete without ever having to travel, pay for hotel, flight, be away from work, etc… thanks to GotoWebinar by Citrix that proved in the last 5 years to be extremely valuable in the online training world. The options that are available for…

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How to Update the Values of a Kendo Grid Foreign Key Column After Initialization

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This tip addresses application scenarios where the available FK values of a grid may change and need to be updated after the grid is first initialized. Here is a quick example setup to illustrate the idea:

(JsBin) In this snippet, a grid is initialized with some data, but only one of the lookup keys is available in the FK column’s values. We want to be able to update those values with a new array so that the second row will also display a lookup result. However, simply assigning a new array to the values property is not sufficient. Fortunately,…

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Falafel Creates On-Demand Training and Certification for TestComplete

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Capitola, CA – June 21, 2013 – Falafel Software’s instructor-led training has helped hundreds of companies and individuals worldwide master automated testing with SmartBear Software’s automated testing tool, TestComplete. Now, software quality assurance teams can continue their TestComplete education on their own with an on-demand video training library. The suite of 96 videos was authored by Falafel Software and can be accessed 24×7 from any device. “We love teaching people how to improve software quality with TestComplete in our instructor-led training classes,” said Lino Tadros, CEO and President of Falafel Software. “The instructor-led classes are a great forum for asking…

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Improving the performance of Kendo TreeView

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Here’s a quick tip to speed up binding a Kendo TreeView to a remote dataset. I noticed this difference while experimenting with different strategies for accessing data for an application that was binding a large dataset to a TreeView. I only wanted the TreeView to read from the remote datasource once all of the parameters had values, so I initially wrote something like this: dataSource: {     transport: {         read: function(options) {             if (!(getParam1() && getParam2()))             {                 options.success([]);                 return;             }             kendo.ui.progress($(“#treeView”), true);             $.getJSON(                 “/url/to/json/data”,                 {                     param1: getParam1,                     param2: getParam2                 },                 function(data) {                     options.success(data);                 }             )             .always(function () {                 kendo.ui.progress($(“#treeView”), false);             });…

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