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December 2012

How To Create ASP.NET Membership Users In T-SQL

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If you’ve worked with ASP.NET membership and worked with the membership data directly in the database, you have probably run into this problem: there is a procedure called aspnet_Membership_CreateUser that sounds like you should be able to use it to create a user, but once you look at the parameter list, you quickly realize that this isn’t going to be as easy as you might have hoped, because the procedure requires you to pass in pre-hashed, pre-salted passwords. Now what? If your experience was anything like mine, you resigned yourself to using the .NET Membership classes, all the while wishing…

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Sending Request Headers via jQuery AJAX

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Ever wanted to send request headers from jQuery instead of the “code-behind”? You can easily tweak the ajaxSetup object like this: $.ajaxSetup({     beforeSend: function(xhr) {         xhr.setRequestHeader(‘X-Parse-Application-Id’, ‘QIDkel*****SR2c3’);         xhr.setRequestHeader(‘X-Parse-REST-API-Key’, ‘mbm311*****d0X2N’);     } });    $.get(‘’, function (data) {     console.log(data); }); This is especially important when you need to be authenticated to use a service or API. Think of assigning server-signed auth tokens (that you generate on your own servers) to client-side apps. Now with every jQuery AJAX call, tokens get sent back to the server and from that point on you are an “authenticated user”. To lock it down even further to a…

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What is “var that = this” in JavaScript?

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If you’ve looked at JavaScript recently after any kind of hiatus, you’ve probably noticed that the language has changed a little in the last few years. Technically, the language hasn’t changed so much as the way we use it has.  One of the most noticeable changes–besides the daily multiplying list of new libraries and frameworks–is the object oriented way in with the language is used. For instance, instead of just creating a sea of functions, you might now create your JavaScript code in classes of related functionality: var mathObj = {     writeToLog: function (message) {         console.log(message);     },       addNumbers: function (one, two)…

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Free Windows Phone 8 Online Phone Camp

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Falafel CEO Lino Tadros takes a break from his Windows Phone 8 Workshop tour and joins Microsoft Developer Evangelist Daniel Egan for a free online Windows Phone 8 Phone Camp. When: Friday Dec. 7th, 9AM – 2PM PST Where: Online Cost to attend: FREE! Let us know you’ll be watching by registering here: Full day Windows Phone workshops typically cost hundreds of dollars and you have an opportunity to to get the same Windows Phone development knowledge for FREE! You’ll learn everything you need to know to develop and publish a Windows Phone application. Whether you’re a student just…

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