ScrollTo in ListViews, Xamarin.Forms 1.3

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Xamarin.Forms 1.3 has been released!  Great news.

Today we tackle another new feature in 1.3: ScrollTo.  This allows us to scroll to the beginning of a ListView or to the end or to a particular entry.  Let’s return to the grouping code we created here.  We’re going to make some minor changes to illustrate ScrollTo

To illustrate how this works, let’s add a button to the XAML which will trigger the scrolling,

The event handler is identified as GoToLastItem.  We’ll implement that in our code behind,

The second parameter is an enumerated constant,


Enumerated Scroll Positions






The astute reader will notice that we set our ScrollToPosition enumerated value to Start to cause the list to the end.  I can only assume this is a bug in ScrollTo, but I will update this once I find out what is wrong.

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In a future column I will illustrate how to scroll within groups and how to find a particular item in your ListView.


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