Celebrating 9 years at Falafel – Bary Nusz

Bary Nusz

At Falafel, we call our team the “Dream Team” simply because everyone is so awesome toBary Nusz work with. We recently had the fortune of celebrating not only Falafel’s 12th year, but also the 9-year anniversary of Bary Nusz joining the team. During his time at Falafel he’s worked on some really cool projects for well known companies such as Earth Bound Farms to Adidas, helping them with architecting UI’s, creating management systems, and most recently joined two other Falafel team members in heading up our IoT practice.

Being a veteran on the Falafel team, we asked Bary some questions about his time at Falafel:

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at Falafel?

A: I love the fact that Falafel is full of experts who cover every facet of technology, and you never have to deal with egos. I’ve learned so much just hanging around Falafel’s experts.

Q: What are some memorable moments you’ve had during this time?

A: Anytime when the Dream Team gets together, however one time does stand out: When the Dream Team swam with the stingrays and sharks in Bora Bora. Thankfully Falafel was not on the menu on that day.

Q: How has technology evolved during this time?

A: When I started, WPF/Silverlight had not been released yet. There were no iPhones or iPads. The only tablets available were not really practical. Now tablets can replace your laptop and in some cases your desktop. Laptops were never far from their bricks and a large backpack. Unplugging them from the wall meant you had to quickly find a stopping point before running the battery down. Now laptops can fit in a small portfolio and run all day on battery power.

Q: Where do you think the future for Falafel lies?

A: Falafel has always been on the bleeding edge of new technology, helping customers make the best decisions for the future of their products. I see Falafel continuing with that pattern.

Congratulations Bary on all of your accomplishments over the past 9 years. We wish you many more to come with the Dream Team.

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