In just few days, 50 Falafel and family members  will assemble in Florida ready to sail the fun seas.  The Dream Team will be sailing to the Bahamas on the Dream Disney Cruise.DreamDisney

For the last 11 years, I made a commitment to always share the success and joy of Falafel Software with all the people that made Falafel Software so successful.  That is not only the members of the team but also their families as they are a significant part of the journey.

On Sunday, the Dream Cruise ship will be taking all of us to Nassau then to ...

Falafel Software has been training on TestComplete by SmartBear since 2002, shortly after the first release of the product.

It has been a pleasure and a delight to train thousands of people on 5 continents on TestComplete with tremendous success and very high level of productivity.

In the last few years, Falafel Software added the option of learning TestComplete without ever having to travel, pay for hotel, flight, be away from work, etc... thanks to GotoWebinar by Citrix that proved in the last 5 years to be extremely valuable in the online training world.

The options that are available for ...

Wow, I can't believe 2012 is gone already, not only that, but January of 2013 is over.  January has been a tremendous month for the company, the best January ever in the 10 years history of Falafel Software Inc.

We started the year very strong with multiple new accounts in the USA, Europe, Far East and Australia.

FalafelCON2013Sitefinity continues to be a very strong business for Falafel and we continue to assemble the best Engineering team in the industry to meet the consulting and architecture demands for our Sitefinity Business.  Great announcements coming soon!

SmartBear's relationship continues to flourish ...

Falafel just released a video explaining how the Dashboard works, how to install it, configure it and display it instead of the built in Sitefinity Dashboard.  The video is embedded below or you are welcome to view it on YouTube.

Get the Falafel DashBoard for Sitefinity MVC.

It is with great pleasure that we, at Falafel Software, introduce to you the Falafel Dashboard. 

With the latest release of Sitefinity 5.1, we were all treated to a great feature and a major change in the ability of the framework by introducing MVC in Sitefinity.

It was a clean and robust implementation that Falafel Software jumped on the opportunity and started to think about add-ons and plug-ins that will add value and benefit all Sitefinity content shareholders everywhere.

The current Dashboard in Sitefinity 4, 5 and 5.1 is pretty much a placeholder in our opinion.  It can show a ...

Another teaser to show where we are going with all the possibilities with the new Falafel Dashboard for Sitefinity 5.1

Please feel free to comment here to request more features, input, must haves, etc…


We continue to be very excited about the new release of 5.1 and the world of possibilities it opened to build robust widgets and modules in MVC with the razor syntax



Now that Sitefinity 5.1 was released yesterday, congratulations to the entire Telerik team BTW, we are preparing at Falafel to release a Sitefinity Dashboard that will allow immediate access to relevant information about the site.  We have so many ideas and I am sure the community can help shape the future versions of this Dashboard as well.

We are using MVC + Razor Syntax (we love this part BTW) and including the wonderful controls from KendoUI to spice up the Dashboard.

The Dashboard product for Sitefinity will contain:

  • Multiple e-commerce Dashboard widgets
  • Recent Comments
  • Pages Awaiting Approval
  • Pages in draft ...

In few days, I travel to Cluj, Romania to speak about Windows 8 Metro Style Development and the latest in Windows Phone development as well at the ITCamp conference


This will be my 43rd country to visit, I am excited to visit Romania for the first time, as all the Romanians I know are extremely nice, welcoming and very funny Smile, just the kind of people I like to hang around.


I am excited to see lots of my friends there as well (Tiberiu Covaci, Tim Huckaby, Martin Kulov, Mihai Tătăran and others…)


See you all in ...

Nine years ago (On May 15th 2003), I had the pleasure and honor of starting Falafel Software from my garage in San Jose, CA.  It has been an amazing and blessed ride so far.  Happy Birthday Falafel! and Congratulations to all Falafel Team Members all around the globe.  I also would like to thank our partners Telerik and SmartBear for our important relationships and most of all our valued friendship.

It is amazing to see how many projects have been completed over the years in so many verticals (medical, military, hospitality, financial, educational and many others) with great success!  I ...

On April 25th 2012, Telerik announced the acquisition of their first Enterprise level Service company, NimblePros.  The press release can be read here.

We are very excited for our friends at NimblePros and Telerik and wish to congratulate them and wish them well on

this initiative to increase the level of in-house support for Telerik’s enterprise level customers.


With the tremendous success Telerik has been enjoying worldwide and phenomenal growth, selling the products was not enough for major Fortune 500 companies everywhere that require a solid commitment and hand holding for architecture advice as well as implementation ...

Today, Falafel Software, the premier Consulting & Training company for Sitefinity worldwide, released a new version of its book “Sitefinity 5 Nuts & Bolts”.


The book is released for FREE for ALL of our current Sitefinity 4 Nuts & Bolts’ customers.  Just log into your account and download the new 5.0 book.
For all new customers purchasing the new Sitefinity 5.0 book, you will receive the 4.0 book as well plus all the source code for all the samples, modules and widgets.

Get your copy today and start enjoying the new Sitefinity 5 product while discovering many many new ...

Today, we are proud to announce that the final bits of the conversion of are finally in place and the blog site is better and faster than ever.  The final issue that stumped us for the last 10 days was the inability to use LiveWriter to publish blog posts to Sitefinity 5.  After serious GUID debugging, Fiddler and Wireshark sessions, we were able to pin point that the conversion from Sitefinity 3.7 to 5.0 caused a problem regarding the assignment of ONE of the Blogs (MINE Smile) as far as owner assignment between the OpenAccess37MembershipProvider and the Default one ...

We were very excited last week with the release of Sitefinity 5.  It has been running fast and solid on several machines (servers) here at Falafel Software.

One blemish though was the major breaking change to the authentication of the REST APIs.  If you are upgrading from a 4.x site to 5.0, no worry that change will not affect you (not right away at least), but if you are setting up a brand new Sitefinity 5 Web Application, the default authentication has changed from FORMS authentication to CLAIMS authentication which will break any code previously written using the REST API ...


It has been over a year now that our team has been working with Sitefinity 4.x, from the first release of 4.0 through the other 9 releases and patches through 2011.

To say the least it has been a very painful year for Falafel to work with Sitefinity 4 and I can add that it has been equally or even more painful for the Sitefinity team at Telerik to go through this painful year with numerous punches from customers, media and experts all the over the place, but most painful probably from their own partners.

From the pricing change ...

In this video, I wish to demonstrate the ability of changing the default workflow in Sitefinity using Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0.  The video is based on the code provided by the Sitefinity SDK here

In the following video, I will demonstrate the ability to do the same from a class library referenced from outside of the Sitefinity Project file system as well.


Please let us know if this video was useful to you and if you would like to see more information and demos on Custom Workflows in the future.

So disappointed in this web site  They are dishonest and falsely represent people’s opinion without their permission or approval.

Few days ago after the release of Sitefinity 4.3, I shared my opinion on twitter about a feature that is still not implemented in 4.3  while using the hashtags #sitefinity and #fail to represent my opinion that it is a shame that these minimal features are still not fixed or implemented in 4.3.

I am a big supporter of Sitefinity, love the product and their team and have nothing but respect and appreciation for Telerik as a company and ...

On October 8th and 9th 2011, Falafel software will have the privilege and great honor of sponsoring this great event yet again as a  Platinum Sponsor and also offer seven speakers to present on multiple topics (Mobile, iPhone, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, Silverlight, Windows 8, WinRT, XAML and many others…

Falafel this year is in charge of the Mobile track and we look forward to presenting great session to the community.

We want to thank Peter Kellner and all the great people at SVCC that allow us to share our knowledge and experience with the the community and also learn ...

Vote Telerik!

Are you a Falafel or a Telerik fan? We need you…
If you are a Falafel or a Telerik fan, then do us a favor. Vote for Telerik in this year’s DevProConnections Awards:
We are very proud to see that our partners from Telerik have been nominated in a staggering 20 categories in this year’s DevProConnections Community Awards, a testament to how comprehensive Telerik's approach to software development solutions has become. From Visual Studio add-ins like JustCode to our CMS of choice, Sitefintiy, Telerik’s  best-of-breed solutions have helped Falafel's team deliver better software, faster.
Here's what ...

Falafel Software promotes Mike Dugan to Director of Marketing

Falafel Software is happy to announce that software industry veteran and MBA graduate Mike Dugan will now take the reins as Director of Marketing at Falafel Software. Dugan has been instrumental in the growth of Falafel over the past 6 years. His experience as both an engineer and a manager has given him a unique understanding of Falafel Software’s business. In his new position, Dugan will be responsible for guiding product development, promoting services, and seeking out new markets.

“I am very excited to see Mike in that new role at ...

On June 30th, the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Marketplace accepted Falafel’s latest mobile application, “SiteBoard”, a simple and valuable WP7 application for Administrators of the award winning Sitefinity 4 CMS systems.

The application uses the REST API layer in Sitefinity 4 to communicate from WP7 Silverlight app via a data connection.

In this first release, Administrators will be able to:

  • Add as many hosts as they would like to manage multiple Sitefinity 4 web applications in different locations.
  • Force Logout on users to remedy the maximum user allowed for all versions below Enterprise.
  • Publish and unpublish pages from ...

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