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Displaying the Device Compass in Unity

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In my last Unity post we looked at integrating the accelerometers in a Unity app. In this post we look at integrating the magnetometer. A couple of years ago I published a magnetometer application in the Windows Phone Store. That app shows the magnetometer readings in 3D in relation to the orientation of the phone. The magnetometer sensor is how your device senses true north for the compass. For some devices (like my Nokia 1520), the Unity magnetometer API hides the 3D vector and only gives you access to the 2D vector “compass” data. I’ll live with that for now. In…

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Handling EWA Exchange Server Calendar Appointments with FirstClassProperties and ExtendedProperties

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While working with EWA Exchange server calendar appointments and ExtendedProperties, I discovered something interesting. Following the online examples found here, reading the ExtendedProperties of each appointment was no problem. However, when I loaded the appointments with the FirstClassProperties option so I could access things like the location and body, the ExtendedProperties disappeared. To get around this problem I retrieve the appointments using the IdOnly option. Then iterate through the appointments and reading the ExtendedProperties as in the example. After reading the ExtendedProperties of the appointment, you can then load the FirstClassProperties of just that appointment with the following call:


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Unity Accelerometer Device Attitude Alignment

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In my last post I explored how easy it was to display the device camera onto a Unity 3D surface. This time I’m exploring how easy it is to access the device accelerometer sensors and use the data to align 3D objects in Unity to correct for the attitude of the device to give that floating compass look. Although for this post, I’m only interested in the accelerometers. The magnetometers will come later. I started with my camera project from the last post and added a series of cubes into a parent GameObject to plainly show the orientation and a…

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Main camera

Showing the device camera in Unity

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Back in March I helped my Nokia buddies out with the DVLUP Days 2014 North American Tour in Dallas. During one of the sessions, I got introduced to Unity. From my numerous posts about XNA and most recently about Open GL, you can’t be surprised I went to that session. From my previous XNA work you can see that I’m deeply interested in the AR aspect of mobile devices. To do that, however, you need access to the device hardware. With Unity being a cross-platform framework, I was not hopeful that this would end up being an easy task. My…

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Open GL Hello Triangle with Xamarin

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In my last post I shared that I was beginning a new task of learning to develop with Xamarin. What would I tackle for my first projects? It’s not enough for me to do a simple hello world app. I’ve got to go with what I’m interested in. Back in 2012, I did my first post on this blog about XNA 3D graphics. In that post I shared the fact that I first started my 3D graphics exploration starting back in the mid 90’s with OpenGL. So, I’m going to explore the world of 3D graphics in Xamarin centered on…

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Falafel Blog

Microsoft OCR Library

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Microsoft recently announced that their OCR Library for Windows Runtime has been released as a NuGet package. This library enables you to add text reading capabilities to your Windows Phone 8/8.1 and Windows 8.1 Store apps. I wanted to get a simple working example up and running and found it to be quite easy and functional. I created a basic Windows 8.1 Store app. The XAML for the main page is listed below.

The code behind has only one event handler for the button click and because this is just a simple working example contains all of the code necessary…

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Winds of Change for Nokia Developers

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For the last 16 months I’ve had the privilege of serving as a Nokia Developer Champion. I’ve spoken at numerous events, conferences, and handed out a ton of swag. In return, I’ve gotten early access to the latest Nokia SDK’s and hardware. I’ve also gotten to work with some great Nokia and Microsoft people. We regretfully received word this week that Microsoft is ending the Nokia Champion and Nokia Ambassador programs on September 1. I would like to thank Randall Arnold , Greg Stoll , and Rich Dunbar  for helping me with my Nokia Champion duties. Although the swag and…

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Cyan Developer Preview Update for Windows Phone 8.1 Enables SensorCore

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­I was happy to receive the latest Windows Phone 8.1 update on my 1520. This update brings it up to OS version: 8.10.14157.200 The SensorCore SDK gives you access to a step counter, activity information, and capabilities to record your location data in a very low power mode. I’ve know for some time that the SensorCore hardware was present in my 1520 but that it was not enabled. I had to make due with a preview version of a Nokia 635 to play with the SensorCore API. With the latest cyan update, I’ve finally got access to the SensorCore hardware on my…

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Picking your Challenges – Luminance for Points

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One of the things I’m learning as I’m settling into my #2520orBust challenge, is picking which challenges I’m going to tackle on You have to consider the requirements of the challenge and the due dates. You also have to consider the amount of free time you have to devote to the challenge. For me, that’s not much time. So, I’m looking at the low hanging fruit right now. The next challenge on my list is the “New App Special“. It’s 250 pts, and I’ve got until the end of August. The app I have in mind is a lux…

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Getting Rid of Buttons to Prevent Inadvertent Input

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In my other life, I fence with swords. My wife and I also run fencing tournaments. We are known for running a tight ship and keeping things moving along. I hate starting events late, and I hate events running long. Even when you prearrange everything up front, your best plans can be blown apart with simple equipment failure. It’s good practice to have a simple timer for timing the fencing bouts. Several smart phone apps allow you to track all aspects of a fencing bout, like time, score, penalty cards, match count, and injury timer. All of this is represented…

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Showing the Camera Preview in a Universal App – #2520orBust

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This is the second post on my “2520 or Bust” quest. In order to achieve my quest I must get points on, and to do that, I must submit apps. However, not all of the points that are available require you to submit apps. There are some that just require you to take an easy quiz. So my first step toward my Nokia 2520 was 50 points for completing the “Rev up your startup with BizSpark”. You better hurry though, this challenge ends on July 1st. If you miss it, it’s OK, new challenges are posted all the time.

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2520 or Bust

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I’m excited to begin a new developer series called “2520 or Bust.” The purpose of this series is to show you how much of an effort it is to acquire enough challenge points on to get a Nokia 2520. This series of posts will also be syndicated over on

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Sharing Sensor Code in Universal Apps

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Universal Apps have the ability to unify code between platforms, but what about using sensors between platforms? I wrote a simple Universal App to see how much sensor code could be shared. In the past, Windows Store and Windows Phone had similar code to access and handle sensors, but sharing code meant lots of conditional compilation symbols to handle the differences.

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Sharing Resource Dictionaries in your Universal XAML Apps

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My colleague Josh Morales has already touched on the new Universal XAML Apps, but I wanted to touch on one of my favorite new features. One of the big selling points to developing native Windows applications is that you can share a significant amount of code between Windows 8/8.1 and Windows Phone applications. Now with the new Hub App project type in VS2013 Update 2 RC, the ability to share code between Windows and Windows Phone has taken a huge leap.   Portable libraries are extremely useful for sharing base classes but have had limited namespaces in the past. Hub…

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Early access to Windows Phone 8.1 for Windows Phone Developers – NOW!

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Updated 04/14/2014: If you’re a Windows Phone developer, then you are now able to update your Windows Phone to a developer preview of Windows 8.1, including Cortana. All you need to do is install the Preview for Developers app and then check for updates on your phone. As soon as I get the new bits installed, first on my list of new API’s to try out is the Nokia SensorCore bits. Very exciting times for us Windows Phone developers.

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Falafel to help out at DVLUP Days 2014 North American Tour

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Nokia’s DVLUP Days 2014 North American Tour is underway. As one of Nokia’s Developer Champions, I’ll be helping out by giving a talk or two and answering questions at the event in Dallas, Texas, on May 17th. Come on by and say “howdy”. There’ll be plenty of swag and hardware given out by Nokia and I’ll have some special swag to give out myself. New York City – March 22, 2014  Chicago (Downers Grove, IL) – April 12, 2014 San Diego – April 26, 2014 Dallas, Texas – May 17, 2014 Toronto – To Be Announced Date! Stay tuned!   …

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Image Correlation Math Utilities in C#

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In this video I describe the basics of image correlation. I actually wrote these utilities over 15 years ago in Delphi. That’s the cool thing about math, it’s timeless. It doesn’t matter what you write it in.     Links  Statistical Functions Image Correlation Proof of Concept (Windows 8.1)       Image Correlation Function Details in C#

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Spicing up boring Windows 8 pages with the Telerik HubTile

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This is a video blog post on how to spice up your boring Windows 8 pages using Telerik’s HubTile.   Attached Properties review : Telerik HubTile: Falafel Bugs for Windows 8: Boring example:

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Processing real-time video with a Windows Phone application using C#

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This is a follow up to my previous video blog post Processing real-time video with a Windows Store application using C#. In this video we are doing the same thing, but with a Windows Phone. Links You can download the updated example with both the Windows Store and Windows Phone projects here. Here is an old blog post about displaying the Windows Phone camera preview with XAML. The Nokia Imaging SDK. The Nokia Real-time Filter Demo.

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Meet one of the newest Nokia Developer Champions at the Cowtown Code Camp

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The Cowtown Code Camp in Fort Worth Texas is this Saturday, Mar 16th. I’ll be speaking about “Windows 8 & Windows Phone XNA graphics and sensor integration” at 4 PM. Nokia has seen fit to name me a “Nokia Developer Champion”. I, along with Falafel Software, look forward to working with Nokia and working to improve the Windows Phone ecosystem. My talk at the Cowtown Code Camp will be filled with lots of examples and hands-on demos. For those who are attending, I’ll be giving away one of my custom designed and 3D printed phone stands for the Nokia 920 and wireless…

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Surface Pro for Developers

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For years I’ve always liked the idea of having the ability to develop on the road. Few who know me would ever deny that I’m a true road warrior, although I’m beginning to slow down. Whether it was taking my kids all over the world to fence, chasing storms, hiking off the trail, or even jet skiing at the lake, I often had my laptop with me. I’ve come up with some of my best ideas while on the road. However, the size and bulk of my various laptops always had me wishing for something else.   The Surface RT…

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Handling the AdControl with Flyout Settings Pages

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In my last blog post, Using Generic Attached Properties to Simplify Windows 8 Settings Charm Pages , I talked about how to easily add Settings Charm pages to any Windows 8 app. If your app happens to have an AdControl, you might have an issue that you need to handle. The issue is that AdControl is hosted in a WebView Control, which causes the control to always be on top. When flyout Settings Charm pages overlap AdControl elements you get unexpected behaviors. It’s a known issue but is easy to handle. I’ve updated the GitHub example to include a couple of AdControls on the…

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