3 Essential Pebble Apps for Android – Part 2

By November 4, 2014 News One Comment

Last time, I lavished quite a few words upon the Pebble App that transformed my Pebble from a gadget I liked, to one I have come to depend upon. Today, I’m going to highlight two more apps that have also greatly increased my enjoyment of my Pebble.

Pebble Dialer

This app is by the same developer as my #1 pick and, like Pebble Notification Center, it completely replaces some stock functionality of the Pebble with his own vision for how it should work. It does two main things: allows you to place calls from your Pebble, and takes over the stock Pebble UI during calls. I don’t personally find it very useful to place calls using my Pebble, so I can’t comment on that, but I love the way it changes the UI during calls, allowing you to answer or reject incoming calls, and then allowing remote control of the speaker and microphone, and ending the call from the Pebble. Actually, the feature I use the most is to reject calls when I’m in the car but don’t have my phone paired to the car’s hands-free system, but somehow I still find it compelling that my smartwatch hooks into the most basic function of my phone – placing phone calls – and presents a control interface that will always be handy even if my phone is out of reach.


This is actually a collection of little neat utilities all in one app. First of all, you can look up a 7-day weather forecast right on your watch, and you can open a specific day for more detailed information. Next, you have full access to your SMS messages and you can respond with canned messages you configure in the companion phone app. There’s an agenda view of your calendar complete with details. There is a utility called “Find my phone” which causes your phone to start beeping loudly, even if it’s on silent. I love this feature because when I’m wearing my Pebble and receiving silent notifications on my wrist, I usually completely silence my phone. It’s nice to know that if I lost track of my phone, I would be able to activate this little utility to find it rather than regret ever placing it on silent. Finally, there are a pair of functions for remotely opening the camera app and snapping a shot. I haven’t found a use for this little feature yet except to make me feel like I’m equipped like a super spy straight out of the 80s, but isn’t that enough, really?

So, those are my top three essential apps. All these apps really do are augment the stock experience; I haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to some of the more creative apps available for Pebble. If you have an essential app you can’t live without, tell me about it in the comments!

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