Custom Message in Empty Kendo UI Grid

Kendo UI: Displaying a Custom Message when Grid is Empty

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By default the Kendo UI Grid doesn’t provide the user with any feedback when the grid is empty.   The grid just displays the column headers. When paging is enabled things get a little better but this isn’t ideal.  First, it requires paging to be enabled which isn’t always the case.  Secondly the message is tucked away in the lower right hand corner and isn’t very prominent. Ideally, something like this does a much better job of providing the user with feedback: Luckily making this happen is really straight forward.  Start by creating a function that will be called on DataBound of the grid.  At this…

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Main camera

Showing the device camera in Unity

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Back in March I helped my Nokia buddies out with the DVLUP Days 2014 North American Tour in Dallas. During one of the sessions, I got introduced to Unity. From my numerous posts about XNA and most recently about Open GL, you can’t be surprised I went to that session. From my previous XNA work you can see that I’m deeply interested in the AR aspect of mobile devices. To do that, however, you need access to the device hardware. With Unity being a cross-platform framework, I was not hopeful that this would end up being an easy task. My…

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Hierarchical Kendo UI Grid _ Kendo UI Web

Kendo Grid Hierarchy with Shared Column Headers

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The Kendo Grid is one of the most complex and configurable widgets in the Kendo framework.  One of the options is to use a hierarchical grid which allows you to display data in a master/detail or parent/child configuration.  The default layout will give you an expand/collapse button with a child grid that has its own columns and headers, as displayed in the Hierarchy Grid Demo: But what if your parent and child grids have the same columns and you want to show the child columns in line with the parent row?  Fortunately, we can do this with a little JavaScript and…

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Adding Transparency to the ListView on iOS with Xamarin Forms Custom Renderer

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One of the minor issues we encountered when developing Falafel 2 Go was that on iOS, the ListView defaults the background color of the ViewCell to white. I’m not sure if this is an oversight, intentionally by design, or if it will be changed in the future, but we needed a way to make it transparent. Otherwise the textured custom background from the design would be covered up by the white background of the ListView on iOS. Here’s what it looks like before: Custom Renderers Fortunately, this was a simple issue to resolve by creating yet another custom renderer to…

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Seed the database with initial Users in MVC 5

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In MVC 5 applications you may want to seed the database with initial users for various reasons. You may want default users and roles added as part of the application. In this post, we will take a look at how to  seed the database with default users. The MVC 5 application uses ASP.Net Identity 2.0 to manage users, roles and identities. ASP.Net Identity 2.0 uses the Entity framework code first approach to create a database. To seed the database, first you need to enable migration on the database. To enable migration, in the package manager console run the command enable-migrations…

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Custom Action Filter in ASP.NET MVC 5

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ASP.NET MVC 5 provides five different kinds of Filters. They are as follows: Authentication [Introduced in MVC5] Authorization Action Result Exception Filters are used to inject logic at the different levels of request processing. Let us understand where at the various stages of request processing different filters get applied. Authentication filter runs before any other filter or action method Authorization filter runs after Authentication filter and before any other filter or action method Action filter runs before and after any action method Result filter runs before and after execution of any action result Exception filter runs only if action methods,…

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What is Azure DocumentDB

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Recently I attended Cloud Camp by Microsoft India in Delhi. I had good time learning at the event. Besides other Microsoft Azure services like Azure Websites, Azure Mobile Services and Azure DocumentDB impressed me lot. In this post, I am sharing first level learning on Azure DocumentDB. Azure DocumentDB is a NoSQL document database service offering on cloud from Microsoft. It allows us to work with schema free JSON documents using JavaScript and the HTTP protocol. It is a fully managed JSON document database service. Some of the important points about the DocumentDB is as follows: It is a schema…

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Jesse Liberty releases his latest (19th) course on Pluralsight: Kendo UI and AngularJS

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 This brand new Pluralsight course from Falafel’s Jesse Liberty will teach you everything you need to know about programming AngularJS with Kendo UI. The course will provide an introduction to Kendo UI, and demonstrate what you need to know to get started, including where to get the libraries and what you are already expected to know. You’ll build your first Angular program using Kendo UI, and from there build out the program with increasingly interesting Kendo UI controls. You’ll look at handling data, using the Kendo UI DataSource, and implementing an MVVM approach to building applications with these technologies. Finally, you’ll go beyond the core…

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Adding Tapped Event Gestures to Any XAML Control with Xamarin Forms

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We previously looked at how to create User Controls with Xamarin Forms to display an Image Button for the different activities in our Falafel 2 Go application. Now that we have these reusable buttons, we need to make them tab-enabled so that they can launch the appropriate activity. As we’ll see in today’s post, this is very simple to implement with Xamarin Forms. Native Tap Events By default, only a small selection of Xamarin Forms controls expose events such as “Tapped” or “Selected” natively. ListView and the related ViewCell are examples, which makes sense as that is generally the purpose…

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Fix for Sitefinity Backend Search Bug when Removing Fields from Dynamic Content Types

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I ran into an issue in Sitefinity recently, where removing a field from a custom content type caused made the backend search on that type fail. I reproduced this issue on a fresh Sitefinity site, to rule out any potential customizations or changes made in the project I discovered this bug in. Reproducing the Bug In a fresh 7.0.5100 Sitefinity install, I created a Speakers module, and a Speaker content type within that module: Then I created a couple Speakers, so I had something to search for. Searching for John Doe by email address (“example” in this case) yields the…

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Detecting browser tab visibility

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Websites are increasingly taking the form of “web applications” which behave more consistently with traditional application behavior. With this shift there has been a rush of new features to help these web apps compete with traditional desktop or mobile apps. There are a number of use cases where you might want to detect if your page is the user’s active tab in a modern browser. For example, to stop a video if they’re not watching to conserve bandwidth or for a notification system to understand whether or not it should use an audible alert and change the page title to…

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Creating a basic emoticon script

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There are a bunch of open source options for emoticons but if you’re on the mission to create your own then this can hopefully serve as a good base for you to get started with. The CSS demoed here assumes your emoticons are 16×16 arranged in 18×18 squares on a sprite. You’ll have to make a few changes to ensure that it is production ready for your environment but the following demo attempts to solve the following issues with emoticon scripts: Lightweight. A lot of available emoticon scripts are unnecessarily heavy and over complicated. Usable on an HTML string –…

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Manipulating a kendo view on show

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When calling a kendo view there is a timing issue related to interacting with or manipulating a data-bound control and its child items in the DOM. In my case I needed to automatically scroll to the bottom of a MVVM template/source bound table each time the view was loaded – not the kendo grid control. The problem stemmed from a couple core issues: Most browsers will not properly determine the scrollHeight property of a hidden element. Kendo seems to render in the DOM the view (from the template) it is going to show but keeps i t’display:none’, even during the ‘show’ event…

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.Net Rocks!

Jim Holmes Featured on .NET Rocks!

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Falafel’s VP for ALM and Testing, Jim Holmes, was recently featured in an episode of .NET Rocks! In the episode “Battling Technical Debt while Keeping the Lights On with Jim Holmes,” Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell discuss: What “technical debts” is How it affects other parts of your business (like slowing down the development of new features) Most importantly — how to reduce it! Jim also explains how you should split your time developing new product features (to keep customers buying your products or services and still keeping the lights on) while reducing your debt – by having a plan.

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Decorator Pattern in C#

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“Decorator pattern attach additional functionalities or responsibilities to an existing object at the runtime”.  It adds new behaviour to an individual object without affecting other objects of the same class. New behaviour or functionalities can be added dynamically at the run time. The decorator pattern: Adds new functionality or behaviour Either at run time or statically Without affecting other objects of the class Why do we need this pattern? To understand, let us consider a Student object with the basic responsibility to handle and print information like name, age, and grade etc. Now you have a requirement to add functionality…

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Getting started with Xamarin Android Player

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If you have been following Xamarin’s Evolve keynote, you would by now be, like me, SUPER EXCITED about all the innovation that Xamarin is doing in the mobile space. One of the Xamarin Platform enhancement that was announced today was Xamarin Android Player. If you dealt with Android Emulator before you will be really familiar that its really slow. We here at Falafel Software always used Geny Motion in favor of Google’s Android Emulator. This post will walk you through how to get Xamarin Android Player up and running. First, please head to Xamarin’s Android Player site and download the version…

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Creating a SPA using Telerik Kendo UI

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As the SPA concept and the modern web technology behind it have grown, so have the available frameworks to support its development. A SPA is a great way to create a smooth client experience similar to an phone or desktop application – especially for lightweight and interactive websites who need very little compatibility with older browsers. While there are plenty of great SPA supporting javascript frameworks available, I will cover how to get the Kendo SPA framework up and running inside an MVC.NET project. Setting up server-side Let’s cover the various MVC5 components and how we will use them to…

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Creating Reusable XAML User Controls with Xamarin Forms

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In the previous post on making fancy layouts with Xamarin Forms we saw how you can design a Dashboard style application that stretches to fill any device size. However one of the challenges of the particular design we chose for Falafel 2 Go was the need to support the concept of an Image Button, where both the icon and the text work as a single control to launch an activity. Xamarin Forms does provide an ImageCell control, which can be used in a TableView to render both text and image as a single control. However, this control is laid out…

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Returning a Partial View Only for XHR Requests in ASP.NET MVC

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As Single-Page Applications (SPAs) become more prevalent, it is becoming more important to know how to leverage your server-side technologies to best enable them. ASP.NET has a lot of great features that will help you create this type of modern web application. One of these features is the partial view. In this post, I want to show you a simple helper method for your controller classes in ASP.NET MVC that will allow you to return partial views when your client-side application is requesting them via an asynchronous request (that is, an XHR, or XMLHttpRequest), and to return full views-with-layout when the same…

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Jesse Liberty and Steve Smith Named Microsoft MVPs

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Falafel’s Master Consultant, Jesse Liberty, and CTO, Steve Smith, have just been announced as a Microsoft MVPs for 2014! Falafel is honored to have not just two, but seven MVPs on our all-star team. The complete list includes: CEO Lino Tadros, Senior Software Engineer Keith Burnell, VP of ALM and Testing Jim Holmes, Software Engineer Dhananjay Kumar, and Senior Software Architect Jason Follas. The MVP award is given to exemplary community leaders around the world who have demonstrated their deep commitment to helping others make the most of their technology, voluntarily sharing their passion and real-world knowledge of Microsoft products…

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