Microsoft Band Galvanic Skin Response Sensor

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Before I get to the sensor, Microsoft updated the Band SDK today. From what I can tell, this update did not significantly change any of the sensors I’ve covered on the API level. Once I’ve had a better look at it I’ll post any changes I do find. The next Microsoft Band sensor in my target is the Galvanic Skin Response sensor, or more simply the Contact sensor. This sensor is designed to give you an indication of if the Band is actually being worn or not. This sensor sends a small electric charge from the metal frame around the…

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Microsoft Band Skin Temperature Sensor

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I’m continuing my Microsoft Band exploration by investigating the skin temperature sensor. Just like the pervious Band sensors I’ve already covered, the accelerometer and the ultraviolet sensors, the skin temperature sensor follows the same general pattern. Connect to the band. Set up an event handler to sensor ReadingChanged event. Start the process of reading the sensor by calling the StartReadingsAsync() function. Read the sensor value from the event args SensorReading property. Here is the code snippet to accomplish this:

The ReadingChanged event handler returns the value of the skin temperature sensor in Celsius. Also included in the event args…

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Announcing Stripe Payment Provider for Sitefinity Ecommerce

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Stripe is a modern payment processor that makes adding payment processing capabilities to your eCommerce store a breeze. Sitefinity Ecommerce has a fantastic support for Payment Provider Model to add your own payment processor. We here are Falafel use Stripe as Payment Processor for our Falafel.com site. Starting this week, you can buy the Stripe for Sitefinity Ecommerce from our store. The package comes in two options 1) DLL only   2) Full Source Code DLL Only give you the required DLL that you can drop into your bin folder of Sitefinity application and the configuration to go along with…

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IoT – The Journey Begins

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IoT is the use of web/network based everyday appliances and other, well, things. IoT represents vending machines that keep their own inventory, toasters that alert you when the toast is done, fire alarms that wake you while calling the fire fighters, and so much more.

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Live Microsoft Build Viewing Parties

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Microsoft Build will take place later this month, and unfortunately for many software developers, it quickly sold out. With Windows 10 and a host of new developer products around the corner, Microsoft has said this is the most important dev conference in Microsoft’s history. But don’t worry that you’re not going, because you can join us at our Scotts Valley, CA or Hudson, OH offices on 29 and 30 April, 2015 for a live viewing party, completely free of charge. Attendees will receive lunch, and our staff will be on hand to answer questions about the announcements that will be…

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Sitefinity Asynchronous Search with WebAPI

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Overview Sitefinity CMS features a powerful internal Search Engine that allows your site visitors to search your content and find what they are looking for. The Search Engine is built on top of the .NET port of the infamous Lunene Engine which powers an unlimited number of websites today. Unlike the solid Search Engine behind it, the Search Widget which Sitefinity offers is not as mature. It provides the options to set up a basic search page and returns the results in a form of a list. Perhaps that will be satisfactory in most cases, but what if your requirements exceed…

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Jesse Liberty

Jesse Liberty Named Director of Technical Development

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Jesse Liberty joined the Falafel team in 2013, and has continued to impress in many ways since then. Today, we would like to announce that Jesse is moving up from Master Consultant to take on an expanded role as Director of Technical Development. Since joining, Jesse has worked tirelessly to build a strong relationship with our partner, Xamarin, and in his new role he will continue to strengthen existing relationships and establish new alliances. “I hope to contribute by creating bridges to new and existing partners in this new role, by exploring emerging technologies and by actively working with the…

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Make a Kendo MVVM calculated field depend on DataSource data

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Imagine this: You are developing a web page that displays data in a grid but you also want to be able to show various other views and aggregations outside the grid. How would you do it? You could hook up event handlers to the grid’s DataSource and manually update everything when the data changes. But wouldn’t it be nicer if you could just declare MVVM bindings and let the bindings detect all the changes? I think so. Let me know you how it’s done. Scalar bindings First, let’s talk about scalar bindings such at the text and value bindings. You…

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FalafeCON 2015

FalafelCON is Back!

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We can’t even tell you how excited we are to announce that FalafelCON is back! While it may be hard to believe, FalafelCON 2015 is going to be bigger and better than last year. This year we’re moving to the beautiful Monterey, California and we’re bringing together speakers from around the world such as Clemens Vasters, and you’ll also have the chance to hear from our own exerts again including Lino Tadros, Jesse Liberty, Carey Payette, and so many more. We’ll be releasing more details in the coming weeks, but for now, here is what you need to know: WHAT:…

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The $20,000 Xamarin Programmer

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This is post #39 of 45 in the series “Learning Xamarin” If Xamarin programing is going to be how you make your living,  then I highly recommend this list of hardware and software. iOS, OSX, Android, Windows Phone, Windows   If you are going to develop on both Mac and Windows, it is painful to switch back and forth between machines. Ideally, you’ll run Windows on a Mac, using Parallels or something similar. Parallels is the right thing, but you need hardware that will fully support dual operating systems. (Note, if you are only targeting iOS and Android, you can have a great…

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Sitefinity Website of the Year 2014 Badge

Falafel Software and Mammoth Mountain named a 2014 Telerik Sitefinity Website of the Year

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Every year Telerik, a Progress Company, honors those websites that have gone above and beyond to create an innovative and unique web experience using the Telerik Sitefinity CMS. This year we are thrilled to announce that Falafel Software and Mammoth Mountain have been named as one of the 2014 Telerik Sitefinity Website of the Year award winners for the “Multi-site” category. In 2014 Mammoth Mountain came to the Falafel team to help them unify the over nine sister websites that showcase the premiere 4-season resorts large selection of amenities and services. Our team rose to the challenge and worked side-by-side…

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Telerik Sitefinity 8.0

Sitefinity 8.0 has arrived at Falafel.com

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Telerik recently released Sitefinity 8.0, adding a whole lot of great features to the already powerful CMS. We were so excited for Sitefinity 8.0 that the same day it came out, we offered classes on this specific release. We also upgraded our own website, Falafel.com, to 8.0 and know that you will enjoy it as much as we have been. Some of the new features of this latest Sitefinity release include improved multi-site capabilities, site-sync and taxonomy support. With this latest release also came the brand new Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC), which will take your Marketing team’s potential to…

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Hands-free WinRT: Part 2 – The Listening App

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The first part of this series demonstrated how to use Speech Synthesis and “voice fonts” to give your WinRT app a voice. Now we can see what it takes for your app to work in the opposite direction: listening to your voice and producing text as a result. Platform Divergence While the Speech Synthesis API in WinRT is available to both Windows and Windows Phone 8.1, the Speech Recognition API, unfortunately, is not. With Windows Phone, you get a powerful API built right into WinRT that enables speech recognition in your app. This can tap into the power of Bing and Microsoft’s cloud…

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