You can use LINQ’s ‘let’ keyword to tune the emitted SQL

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Here’s an interesting little factoid I just stumbled across during ordinary development. I wanted to see if projecting a row into an object with a nested object would impact the generated SQL. Here’s the original query:

And here’s what I wanted to test to see if the resulting SQL would be any different:

And it wasn’t. Here’s the output SQL for both LINQ queries above. (Anyone else bothered by the term “LINQ query?” Because if you expand the acronym, you’re saying “Language Integrated Query query.”)

So now I know that I can group together related columns in an…

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Cyan Developer Preview Update for Windows Phone 8.1 Enables SensorCore

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­I was happy to receive the latest Windows Phone 8.1 update on my 1520. This update brings it up to OS version: 8.10.14157.200 The SensorCore SDK gives you access to a step counter, activity information, and capabilities to record your location data in a very low power mode. I’ve know for some time that the SensorCore hardware was present in my 1520 but that it was not enabled. I had to make due with a preview version of a Nokia 635 to play with the SensorCore API. With the latest cyan update, I’ve finally got access to the SensorCore hardware on my…

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LINQ: Using Groups to Get Distinct Results

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Do you ever write a piece of code, and then find yourself later having to look up how to solve the same problem? That’s what keeps happening to me with some of my LINQ queries lately. I keep wanting to use Distinct() to remove duplicates from my list, only to find that Distinct just won’t do what I want. For simple types, sure, it’s perfect. But if my objects are any more complex than just IDs, I need a little more control. What if I want to eliminate duplicates in my results set based on the distinct values of just…

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Getting Started with Git and GitHub

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Who is not talking about Git or GitHub? In one of our recent user group meetings, someone asked how many Pull Requests have you done so far in any of open source projects on GitHub. I realized many developers in the room were puzzled with the phrase Pull Request. In this post I will explain some basic Git terminology and explore basic Git commands which will help you get started with Git. In a later post I plan to show you how you can work with Git-based Source Control and Visual Studio 2013. Let us start with understanding basic terminologies:…

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Running Cordova Multi-Device Hybrid App from Visual Studio On an iOS Device

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Abstract In a previous post we looked at how we can build and deploy a Multi-Device Hybrid App from Visual Studio to an Android device. It was a fairly simple process and within a few minutes we managed to get the app running on the device. If you’ve done any cross-platform development before, you would agree that building and deploying an app to an iOS device is not trivial. If you are an avid Windows user like me, it gets more intriguing. In this column, we will examine the different challenges and how we can build the app and deploy it…

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Server Paging, Sorting, and Filtering with Kendo DataSourceRequest

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As you would expect, the Kendo UI Grid and DataSource work extremely well together and give you paging, sorting, and filtering right out of the box.  By default, the DataSource will do all of this on the client which is fine for small sets of data, but it becomes a huge performance issue when you are dealing with thousands of records.  In this case, we need to move this work to the server. I typically do not endorse using the Kendo MVC Extensions for large applications (you get more flexibility and a cleaner architecture when you write your own Javascript),…

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A Dream 21 Years In The Making

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21 years ago, I had the honor of being employed by one of the greatest companies in the world at the time “Borland International” in Scotts Valley, CA.  A place where I made countless lasting friendships and learned most of what made me who I am today.  Besides the wonderful people and the smartest people in the software industry that I got to enjoy every day during my decade at Borland, the building that Phillipe Kahn built for us was amazing and the most beautiful office building on the west coast.  He spared no expense in creating what I consider a…

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Live in-person training: Cross Platform Mobile Programming with Xamarin and C#​

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This is a one-time opportunity to work directly with master developer Jesse Liberty. The perfect fit for those getting started with Xamarin, We are so excited to have Jesse Liberty at our Hudson Ohio office September 17th and 18th, where he will be teaching Xamarin and C#! No Xamarin experience needed, but we do assume you are comfortable with C# basics. Buy your seat now for $749   During this course you will learn how to set up your Xamarin development environment, and how to create meaningful and useful Xamarin applications using best practices from the very start. Topics covered…

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How to Customize Sitefinity Search Templates

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If you ever tried customizing Sitefinity search templates, you quickly realize there isn’t a way to do it through the search widget. Almost all other widgets have an option to update the template or update the path to a custom layout file. In this post, we will gain full control by using pure HTML to create our search widget and JavaScript to wire it all together.

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Nested Templates with Kendo UI

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Kendo UI templates provide a great amount of flexibility for styling content but also running Javascript code directly within the template.  You can use a template for pretty much anything since kendo.template() will transform the data and return the rendered HTML, but one of the more common uses is for an item template within an items collection, such as a ListView or Grid. You can use templates either declaratively in HTML for elements that support them, like this:

Or using kendo.template() either within your Javascript code, or in something like a grid column template:

When using kendo.template(), the easiest…

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Exploring Image Filters in Xamarin iOS

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Xamarin iOS and CoreImage When writing for Xamarin iOS you can leverage the CoreImage framework to perform a wide array of image manipulation techniques. These techniques range from manipulating the image hue or colors to more advanced requirements such as facial detection. Xamarin boasts 50 photo filters available as a part of their iOS CoreImage implementation. These filters vary from image skewing and warping to those you’re probably familiar with through apps such as Instagram. The code: Let’s take a look at using these image filters inside of a Xamarin iOS application. Each of the filters is exposed in Xamarin iOS as…

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Kendo Exception During MVC Model Binding of DataSourceRequest

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I just spent some time tracking this one down and wanted to document it here in the hopes that it will help others out. This is about an exception than can occur while performing server-side filtering with Kendo UI for MVC. I got it to happen by configuring a Kendo Mobile ListView to perform server-side filtering with a DataSource whose type is ‘aspnetmvc-ajax’. The exception occurs before execution enters the controller action. Here is the top relevant part of the stack trace:

After a bit of experimentation, I found the problem was being caused by the default for ListView.filterable.operator,…

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Creating a basic list in Xamarin Forms

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Lists are all over the mobile app scene – and for good reason too. They’re a great way to display groups of almost any type of data. Creating a list inside your Xamarin Forms project is an easy cross-platform solution to data organization. We’ll start off with a fresh Xamarin Forms PCL project. Inside your PCL you will find App.cs. By default this contains a Page object called “MainPage” which returns a basic label. This is where we will work with our simple list.

The code sample above is the construction of a simple ListView. There are a few…

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Configuring Android Emulators in Xamarin Studio

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The Problem After installing Xamarin Studio and compiling one of the demo apps you might have noticed that when you try to run it on Android you are faced with an issue. The Android SDK doesn’t seem to automatically install the x86 or ARM system images for the latest stable release. When selecting an emulator you are likely faced with the following image that shows the available emulators as “Incompatible API Level”. If you dig deeper by selecting “Manage Android Devices” you will notice that you can create new emulators fairly easily but the CPU/ABI will not be available for…

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Kendo UI Mobile with MVVM and RequireJS

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A potent mix for creating elegant mobile applications is Kendo UI Mobile with MVVM and RequireJS. Included is an online sandbox environment with code snippets that will highlight the concepts needed to create more advanced Kendo UI Mobile applications. This has been created using jsFiddle and acts as a starter template to update or fork as needed.

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Easier Testing for Kendo UI Pages

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It’s taken years, but delivery teams are creating, by design, systems that are more open to unit testing. There’s less tight coupling inside methods, dependencies are passed in by injection, less use of statics inside blocks, etc. Using these approaches lets teams write much better unit tests without having to use complex, brittle mocks. The benefit’s not just for testability–these principles lead to dramatically healthier codebases, too! That same thoughtful approach to testable system design can also pay off in spades when you’re working with UI testing, regardless of the toolset you’re using for UI automation. Biggest Pain Points Two…

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Don’t Miss J. Tower Speaking in Utah Next Week

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J. Tower will be speaking at the Utah Country and Northern Utah .NET User Groups next week as he travels around the country on a one-year-long road trip. His sessions will be covering Single-Page Applications (SPAs) with ASP.NET and 30 Tools for Modern .NET Web Development in 60 Minutes Utah Country .NET User Group – Provo, UT – Wed, Aug 6 Single-Page Applications (SPAs) with ASP.NET Single-page applications (SPAs) are very popular right now, but they can also be difficult to create. In this session, we will see how SPAs work and see how to get started creating one. We will also…

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Picking your Challenges – Luminance for Points

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One of the things I’m learning as I’m settling into my #2520orBust challenge, is picking which challenges I’m going to tackle on You have to consider the requirements of the challenge and the due dates. You also have to consider the amount of free time you have to devote to the challenge. For me, that’s not much time. So, I’m looking at the low hanging fruit right now. The next challenge on my list is the “New App Special“. It’s 250 pts, and I’ve got until the end of August. The app I have in mind is a lux…

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Kendo Undocumented: Using data bindings in grid column templates

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I’ve found that the more I use Kendo, the more of a MVVM junkie I become. I use data binding for everything I possibly can and it has led to nothing but happiness. Then one day, I wrote a grid column with a data binding in it, and the binding didn’t work. It was weird because I was sure I had already used data bindings in other templates, and not just edit templates either. With just a little experimentation, I discovered a neat little fact: you can use data binding in column templates if the grid is initialized with data attributes….

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Learning Xamarin: MVVM Light and Xamarin Forms

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Today I’m going to kick off a series of postings on creating an application using Xamarin Forms and the MVVM Light Toolkit. This is part of a larger series on Learning Xamarin… In my previous article I attempted to explain why MVVM is inherently desirable and especially so with Xamarin Forms which supports both XAML and DataBinding. In this article I will create a dead simple example (actually, I’ll steal Lauren’t simple example) to get my feet wet.

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