Using AngularJS with Sitefinity – FalafelCON slides and resources

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I had a blast at FalafelCON. I met some wonderful developers who are using Sitefinity and had very in-depth talks with most of them. I also had the privilege to talk about Using AngularJS with Sitefinity If you attended my talk and are looking for slides and code that we used in the talk to build a conference web and mobile app, here they are PPT and CODE If you want to run the sample application locally: Please restore the database (AngularDb.bak), upload your Sitefinity license file using the backend. And the credentials to get to Sitefinity’s backend for the sample app is admin…

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Chrome Developer Tools: FalafelCON Notes and Resources

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FalafelCON 2014 was an excellent weekend and it was fun presenting on Chrome Developer Tools and walking through all the ways DevTools allows you to inspect, debug, and tune your web sites. If you attended the talk, you know that we spent all of our time in Dev Tools with very few slides, but here is the outline and notes for the talk along with resources that you can use to review all the topics and steps we covered: The Web Developers Toolbox – Chrome Dev Tools Outline

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Xamarin Cross-Platform eBook

Free eBook|Learning to Master Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin

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If you’re simply looking for a bit of guidance on creating a form or are looking to create a cross-platform mobile app in Xamarin, this ebook is for you. Falafel’s Xamarin expert and Master Consultant, Jesse Liberty, covers everything you need to become a Xamarin development master in his complimentary ebook. This ebook is based on his wildly popular blog post series “Learning Xamarin.” In this Xamarin ebook, you will learn: Everything you need to create forms The basics of storyboarding How to build out and edit the app in Xamarin If you need more than an ebook, get in-person…

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Using AutoMapper: Getting Started

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I have often seen developers use the LINQ SELECT statement to create a new instance of one class from an existing instance of another class. There are many scenarios when you may have to do this, for example: Creating the domain class instance from the entity class instance Creating the DTO class instance from the entity class instance  Creating the POCO class instance from the entity class instance etc. To do this, developers often use the select statement or manually convert a class object to another class object. Let’s look at an example: We have a class, Student:


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Use Types from a Project without Referencing It

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Most software applications are built with tight coupling and dependencies on infrastructure. These poor design choices often result in short term development speed at the expense of long term velocity – the cost of poor design choices are not felt until an application needs to change. Following the approach shown here, you can eliminate dependencies on infrastructure concerns from both your user interface layer and your core business layer, and enforce this design approach via the compiler.

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Richard Campbell Office

Richard Campbell | FalafelCON Speaker Highlight

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Richard Campbell is that guy we all know, and if we don’t we’re a little jealous of those who do. He’ll be dazzling FalafelCON with laughs and computer magic in the keynote, so don’t miss him. You can catch him and our other amazing speakers at FalafelCON 2014 in San Francisco on September 20-21! Who are you and what do you do? My name is Richard Campbell, and I’ve been a geek for a really long time. I’ve been a part of a number of technology businesses over the years. These days I consult with start-ups and larger enterprises, co-host .NET Rocks and…

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Loading JavaScript and CSS Resources from Nested ASP.NET Partial Views

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The Problem When ASP.NET v4 was released, a cool feature from the beta was lost: the AssetsHelper class. Brock Allen has a great blog post explaining it and noting that it doesn’t exist in the RTM version. Basically, this helper class would allow you to emit some scripts and stylesheets from a partial view and have them bubble all the way up the tree of view elements to the layout where they would be displayed with all the other js and css files emitted by other parts of the view. For example, this partial view can render to assets:

And those assets can be…

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FalafelCON Track Highlight: Web Development

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Learn which tool sets and frameworks can help you solve your customers’ Web Development problems quickly and efficiently. Microsoft Technical Evangelist, David Giard, Microsoft MVP and Regional Director, Richard Campbell, and the Visual Studio Senior Product Manger, Kris Lankford, will be sharing everything you need to know about development with Microsoft technologies at FalafelCON. These expert practitioners will show you ways to leverage technologies like Entity Framework, Angular.js, and ASP.NET MVC to create powerful, flexible HTML5 systems. There will be more than 40 deep dive sessions and four tracks to choose from at FalafelCON, including Web, Mobile development and testing,…

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Windows Dev Center Registrations are now Non-Expiring

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Late last year, Microsoft merged the developer accounts (Dev Center) for Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.  For a single fee of $19/year (individuals) or $99/year (companies), developers could submit apps to to either store, but accounts had to be renewed annually to maintain the store listings. Today, Microsoft has gone a step further and removed the need for the annual renewal.  All active Dev Center registrations are now “lifetime” accounts that will never expire.  The registration fees for new accounts remain at $19 and $99 (and are also good forever). The Windows Dev Center Dashboard has been updated to reflect this change…

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FalafelCON Track Highlight: Telerik

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Looking to learn more about mobile development and testing, or want to hone existing skills with Telerik tools? Scrum Master & Telerik Chief Strategy Officer, Stephen Forte, and Developer Advocate, Jeffrey T. Fritz, will be sharing tips, tricks and real life experiences to help you with Telerik’s technologies at FalafelCON. With four tracks to choose from including Web, Mobile development and testing, Telerik, and Automated Testing, there is a session for any skill level or area of expertise. Follow the web, mobile development and testing track to learn how to make project estimates in an Agile environment from Stephen Forte….

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Josh Eastburn Office

Josh Eastburn | FalafelCON Speaker Highlight

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Josh Eastburn is one of the best when it comes to KendoUI. You can catch him and our other amazing speakers at FalafelCON 2014 in San Francisco on September 20-21! Who are you and what do you do? I am a Sr. Software Architect with Falafel Software.  I’ve been with Falafel for over 4 years and It’s the best job I’ve ever had.  Most of my days are filled with writing custom software for our various clients and learning new things from the incredible Falafel team.   What is your development environment? While I’ve done development in other environments, 90% of my last 14…

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Adding Document Selector Field

Document Selector Field in Sitefinity

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Sitefinity Thunder lets you create field controls very easily which can be added to custom modules. However some work is required particularly when you need to have a selector field. Recently I built a Document Selector field control so I thought to share it. The purpose of this selector is to allow single document selection and be added as a text field (localizable).

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Scott Allen Office

K. Scott Allen | FalafelCON Speaker Highlight

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We’re not sure K. Scott Allen needs any introduction. You’ve likely heard of his blog, OdeToCode. You can learn a host of AngularJS tricks from him at FalafelCON 2014 in San Francisco on September 20-21! Who are you and what do you do? I’m Scott Allen, and I love to build software. There are evil forces that try to prevent me from building software, evil forces like executive level meetings and paperwork from human resources, but I still manage to spend most of my time writing code. When I’m not writing code I’ll make videos about how to write code,…

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Kendo Undocumented: Binding to Parameterized Dependent Methods

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If you’ve been using Kendo MVVM for a while, you might be aware that you can create what they call Dependent Methods: methods that are calculated based on fields in the ViewModel and whose bindings are automatically refreshed when any of those underlying fields changes. But all of the examples only show parameterless functions being used as dependent methods, which might give the impression that you can’t create a dependent method binding with parameters. So, you might end up writing a lot of duplicated code like the one in this simple example:

In this example, the three functions isRed, isGreen,…

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J Tower Office

J. Tower | FalafelCON Speaker Highlight

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J. Tower is our traveling ASP.NET mastermind here at Falafel. For a year, he’s traveling the country with his family living and working in 48 states. Thankfully, he’s taking time out of his busy driving schedule to teach us all a thing or two about development at FalafelCON. Who are you and what do you do? My name is J. (which is short for Jonathan) and I like to create software. I was hooked the first time I figured out how easy it was to create things that never existed before on the computer. What is your development environment? I…

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Jeff Frit Office

Jeffrey T. Fritz | FalafelCON Speaker Highlight

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Jeff Fritz is the master when it comes to ASP.NET. You can catch him and our other amazing speakers at FalafelCON 2014 in San Francisco on September 20-21! Who are you and what do you do? My name is Jeff Fritz and I am a Developer Advocate for Telerik specializing in ASP.NET and web technologies What is your development environment? My development environment is spectacular.  I use a Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch with two external monitors to allow me to work with simultaneously with my code, my running application, and documentation.  I’m using Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 with Web Essentials as my…

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James Montemagno

James Montemagno | FalafelCON Speaker Highlight

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 James Montemagno is a machine when it comes to speaking, coding, and, well, Xamarin. We’ve seen him speak many times over, and he has yet to disappoint. You can catch him and our other amazing speakers at FalafelCON 2014 in San Francisco on September 20-21! Who are you and what do you do? I am James Montemagno and I am a developer evangelist at Xamarin. While my Twitter profile simply reads that I “Live, Love, Bike, and Code,” I actually do much more than this. When I am not guzzling gallons of coffee up here in Seattle, you will find me at local developer…

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Dan Wahlin Office

Dan Wahlin | FalafelCON Speaker Highlight

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Dan Wahlin is one of the best when it comes to AngularJS. You can catch him and our other amazing speakers at FalafelCON 2014 in San Francisco on September 20-21! Who are you and what do you do? I’m a wannabe golfer/musician that (fortunately) got into software development. I run a consulting and training company called Wahlin Consulting that focuses on various Web technologies. We do projects and training for some of the biggest companies out there but also get to work with some of the small companies too which is a lot of fun.  What is your development environment? It depends on…

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Nick Olivo Office

Nick Olivo | FalafelCON Speaker Highlight

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Nick Olivo is the mastermind behind the pre-sales engineering team at SmartBear Software. If you’ve ever heard him on one of their many webinars, you know just how good he is. Don’t miss him and our other amazing speakers at FalafelCON 2014 in San Francisco on September 20-21! Who are you and what do you do? I’m the director of pre-sales engineering at SmartBear. My team and I demonstrate how our products work and how they can help you. What are you speaking about at FalafelCON? The challenges involved in mobile device testing and automation. Who will your sessions benefit the most?…

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Fading Item Visibility with a Kendo UI Binding

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Kendo UI comes with a nice built-in bindings if you’re using the MVVM-style bindings (which is always my recommendation over purely procedural coding). One commonly used binding that comes pre-packaged with Kendo UI is the visibility binding which actually changes the CSS display attribute, not the visibility attribute–Adam has a nice blog post about adding another custom binding that changes the visibility attribute instead. I often find that having UI elements suddenly disappear can create a bad user experience, especially if it causes the way the page lays out at all. Instead of making something appear or disappear suddenly, I like to fade…

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Pinal Dave | FalafelCON Speaker Highlight

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Pinal Dave is traveling all the way from India to save us from being fired, or so he says. If you’re interested in hanging onto your job a little longer, catch him and our other amazing speakers at FalafelCON 2014 in San Francisco on September 20-21! Who are you and what do you do? I am a Developer Evangelist for Pluralsight, and my primary responsibility is to spread the love of technology! What is your development environment? I am database person and my environment is a command prompt and SQL Server Management Studio. I also create a lot of video so Camtasia…

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