The Joy of SQL Server Database Projects

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I’ve had the pleasure of using SQL Server Database Projects that come with SQL Server Data Tools in my latest project and I’ve really come to like them. Let me take you on a little tour to tell you why. Reason #1: They solve the database version control problem Putting your database into version control has traditionally been a bit of a challenge. In past projects, I’ve taken several approaches, from scripting every change and having a massive rolling upgrade script that just keeps growing with every change, to using third party tools like Red Gate SQL Source Control. The former…

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Moving America Forward

Falafel Featured on Moving America Forward hosted by William Shatner

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Today we are pleased to announce that at 11am EDTon BizTV, an episode of Moving America Forward will be aired featuring our very own CEO of Falafel Software, Lino Tadros. As part of the show, Lino is interviewed by none other than the world renowned William Shatner and Doug Llewelyn. As the show progresses Lino is asked some very interesting questions about how Falafel Software came to be and what’s next in the current Technology Revolution. Lino gave some very insightful answers to some very hard questions as to how the recent leaps in technology innovation will impact software development…

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Xamarin: Apple Watch Talking to Parent App

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This is post #50 of 50 in the series “Learning Xamarin” It is very important to understand in your bones, the relationship among the three critical classes in an Apple Watch application: The parent app, which can be a Xamarin.Forms PCL or can be an iOS native app The watchKitApp which is responsible for the UI of the Watch app The WatchKitExtension which is responsible for the logic for the Watch app Usually, the WatchKitExtension has all the logic for the application and the WatchKitApp displays it.  Remeber, the WatchKitExtension runs on the iPhone. The Example There are times, however,…

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IoT – Top Down

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If you are interested in the Internet of Things (IoT) [sometimes referred to as the Internet of Everything] there are two approaches you might take: Top Down or Bottom Up. The latter, Bottom Up indicates that your approach to the IoT will begin with breadboard, wires and probably an Arduino and/or Raspberry board.  This the Maker community and I’ll have more to say about this approach in upcoming postings. The Top Down approach means that you start with assembled components and see what you can do when you put them together. It also means understanding and possibly getting involved with industry…

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Xamarin: Parsing a CSV File From the Net

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This is post #49 of 50 in the series “Learning Xamarin” In Friday’s post, I showed a quick and dirty method to create a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file.  Today, we place that file up in the cloud, and retrieve it, and parse it into instances of an object, and then we display those objects in a ListView. Begin by creating a new solution, I called mine ParseCSV2.  Inside the PCL, set the ParseCSV2.cs App constructor to point to MainPage. In MainPage we want to have a listbox that will display our people in groups, based on the first letter of…

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2015-06-19 09_31_15-ExportedListViewTest_933.pdf - Adobe Reader

Learning to Export Kendo UI Widgets without a Browser Using PhantomJS Part 2: External Input

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In my previous post and example, we created a simple PhantomJS export-to-PDF project that loaded a page with a Kendo ListView and exported it to a PDF. In that code, we used data that already existed in the phantomexport.js file. But that isn’t really a good example, since in the real world that data would be fetched externally and then fed to the export process.

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Running a touch-based Universal Application on a Pi 2 with Windows IoT Core Insider Preview

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Building on my last blog post, I decided to put together a quick Windows Universal Application that I could run on my Pi 2 with my touchscreen. I wanted to determine how good the touch experience would be using the Rasberry Pi 2 and the Windows IoT Core Insider Preview OS. I was pleasantly surprised that once I deployed my application, the touch capabilities were very accurate and responsive. Creating the Application This blog post assumes that you’ve been through the setup of your Raspberry Pi 2 and your Windows PC as described on The application I created is…

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Reading CSV Files In Xamarin Forms

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This is post #48 of 50 in the series “Learning Xamarin” My goal was to write a blog post on reading comma separated value (CSV) files.  Unfortunately, in order to do so, I needed a big csv file and I didn’t happen to have one lying about. The answer was to write a quick and dirty program that would generate a CSV for me.  Now, I could have made my life a bit easier by using CSVHelper, but we’re going to save that for part two of this blog post.   You may want to skip this post and go…

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Movies With Cortana

Movies With for Windows Phone, Featuring Support for Cortana!

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Just released to the Windows Phone store from Falafel Software, Movies With is an app for searching and discovering movies featuring your favorite actors. Saw a movie with a new actor you really enjoyed? Use Movies With to find more movies they’ve done! You can even ask Cortana for help, just say “Movies With” followed by your favorite actor, director, composer or more and she’ll launch you right into the app to find more.    Love the soundtrack from the latest animated feature, or enjoyed the chilling film score from that last scary move? Find more movies featuring that composer….

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Storing Sitefinity Sites In Source Control

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Issues with Content Management Systems and Source Control When developing a Sitefinity web site, you run into some challenges when it comes to properly storing your work in source control. Out of the box from its project manager, Sitefinity houses its references in the bin directory of the application so that a project build is not required to get it up and running. Being a content management system, a lot of changes occur in the site’s database. When developers want to put their Sitefinity site in source control and wish to collaborate, these sorts of issues can be difficult to…

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Bary Nusz

Celebrating 9 years at Falafel – Bary Nusz

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At Falafel, we call our team the “Dream Team” simply because everyone is so awesome to work with. We recently had the fortune of celebrating not only Falafel’s 12th year, but also the 9-year anniversary of Bary Nusz joining the team. During his time at Falafel he’s worked on some really cool projects for well known companies such as Earth Bound Farms to Adidas, helping them with architecting UI’s, creating management systems, and most recently joined two other Falafel team members in heading up our IoT practice. Being a veteran on the Falafel team, we asked Bary some questions about…

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Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer Badge

Congratulations Lino on Becoming a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer!

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We’re excited to share some good news with you that Falafel’s CEO, Lino Tadros, earned the title of Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer yesterday! Lino is already well known in the industry for his many achievements and certifications including being a 13 time Microsoft MVP, a Telerik MVP and Sitefinity Certified Developer, and much more. Lino is also a world renowned speaker and can often be found giving expert classes on a range of topics. The title of Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer is only awarded to those who are able to demonstrate their expertise in building cross-platform mobile apps in iOS,…

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Solliance Logo

Falafel Partners with Solliance to Provide Superior Client Services

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We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Solliance, a boutique software solution provider comprising of specialized architects and top technology. Falafel has had a long history that stems from the relationship built between our CEO, Lino, and the founders of Solliance. By partnering with the team at Solliance, we’re able to extend our skills and capabilities by bringing together experts to work side-by-side on customer projects to provide the highest quality services. The Falafel team is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such well-regarded industry professionals and are excited to see the partnership grow.

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Kris Lankford to Deliver Keynote Presentation at Visual Studio Live San Francisco

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On June 17th Kris Lankford, VP of Product Marketing for Falafel Software, will be delivering the keynote “Cloud Developer – Are you One?” for Visual Studio Live in located at the Fairmont hotel in San Francisco, CA. Kris provides a unique vision for cloud computing as he was the Sr. Product Manager Microsoft in the U.S for Developer Tools which included Visual Studio and Microsoft Azure. In this session we will uncover the trend of software development as it leans toward the cloud to fulfill needs of your ever demanding customers. Additionally the session will cover how to build cross-platform…

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Apple Watch Lists with Xamarin

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This is post #47 of 50 in the series “Learning Xamarin” Intro There is documentation and a sample on to show how to add lists to a Watch application, but it can be a bit confusing, so I created a very simple example that we can walk through line by line. Create a new single page iOS application, let’s call it WatchRowsDemo Fill in name, etc. And when app is created click on solution and choose Add New Project. In the New Project window click on Extension and WatchKit App. Click your way through and once done you will…

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What TestComplete Can’t See: Using Accessibility to Find Objects

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TestComplete shows nested objects and properties in the Object Browser and Object Spy if the applications are open. But even open applications like .NET may have windows that are closed off to detailed inspection. For example, Internet Explorer is a .NET application, but the View Downloads dialog component parts don’t show if TestComplete is not configured to allow it. TestComplete’s accessibility options can open these windows.

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Setting up a 7-inch Touchscreen on a Pi 2 with Windows IoT Core Insider Preview

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One of the things that I am most excited about with Windows coming to the Raspberry Pi is the support of displays. I have an existing 7” touch display that could serve a great UI experience in many IoT projects. This is the procedure that I followed in order to get the display working with the Pi 2 running Windows IoT Core Insider Preview. This article expects that you already have a Raspberry Pi 2 and that it is running the Windows IoT Core operating system. If you don’t currently have this setup it is quite easy to begin by…

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